300th Post Celebration Nails

300th Post Celebration Nails

In a few minutes, after I’ve run one final spellcheck and hit the publish button (whoops, my pinkie finger slipped and I almost typed that as “publixxx” – looks like that check may have been necessary after all!) I will have wrapped production on my 300th blog post. I haven’t been blogging for very long (eight months), and I’ve been working on my nail art skills for only a couple of months longer than that, but for some reason, when the two areas come together, I become quite prolific. Like, 300 posts in eight months prolific. And with the exception of two or three throwback galleries, every post has represented its own manicure; no do-overs, no duplications.

But apart from the pride that comes with knowing that I have produced 300 posts’ worth of not altogether unfortunate nail art is the simple joy I take from daily writing. I’ve been a writer my entire life, starting with my childhood Bill the Turtle short story series, then moving into a university degree in journalism, and finally winding up here with this blog. In between all that, I’ve been a near-lifelong, avid journaller (there is one entire Rubbermaid container in storage at my parents’ that contains nothing but the journals I kept through elementary school, high school and university.)

So it doesn’t exactly surprise me that I’ve been able to produce so many posts on the subject of nail art. Although, having said that, as I was discussing with my husband the other evening, my little nail blog is not exactly like all the other little nail blogs in that the nail art is actually sort of tangential to whatever discussion I’m having with myself about some event that inspired the nail art. It’s all very meta. Long story short, I am not the blog you seek out if you’re looking for swatches or gorgeous, macro shots of holographic glitter or thoughtful reviews. I mean, I dabble in all that stuff, and I always strive to make sure my content is indeed thoughtful, but I’m more about recalling how my new polish loaded with music note glitter reminds me of the time I fell off the top riser in band practice in grade 9 (true story.) Or Disney nails.

In the end, though, I suppose all that matters as a blogger is that you’re happy with your output and pleased to share your content, and 300 posts’ worth of that? Is certainly nothing to sneeze at. So I’m going to take a moment to cel-e-brate good times (come on!) with these fun, confetti cannon-type nails. Which hey, reminds me of a story…just kidding. 😉