Uni-Dragon Fingers

If such a mythical, hybrid creature actually existed (and I bet if I went looking, I could find some VERY disturbing otherkin fanfic, so maybe I just won’t) I have no doubt its…scales…or perhaps hair (?) would look just like this manicure, an awesome combination of Emily de Molly’s green glitter, Black Forest, and Ozotic’s unimaginatively-named chromatic glitter topper, 528.

Uni-Dragon Fingers Side

Duelling Duochromes (OMD2)

Duelling DuochromesI’m still playing catch-up with the first week’s themes in the Oh Mon Dieu 2 nail art challenge, so of course it makes the kind of sense that doesn’t that I’m leapfrogging over the theme of dark (in my head, all I hear is douchey Batman from The Lego Movie growling that he only builds in black or very, very dark grey) and heading straight to the sixth day’s challenge prompt, duochrome. For the uninitiated, duochrome polishes are ultra shiny, mega light-reflecting polishes that flash two different colours depending on the angle of your hand. By the same token, multichromes are megawatt polishes that reflect a whole spectrum of rainbow-throwing colours.

For these nails, I layered two complimentary purple multichromes (they were the only chromes I had, duo, multi or otherwise), Polish Me Silly’s Guilty Pleasure and Holy Shift, one atop the other in a subtle gradient, topping them off with a multichromatic glitter topper, Ozotic’s 528, before dotting on what I think I had intended to be a Milky Way-type event (the astronomical kind, not the chocolate bar), but what unfortunately looks more like a wonkily-sewn zipper. There’s a lot going on here, but improbably, it’s not a gigantic mess, and my nails twinkle so prettily from so many different angles, I really can’t complain. In the photo below, taken before I added the celestial dots and topcoat, you can really see the gradient effect (one of my better ones, actually, no doubt because of the colour-softening nature of multichrome polishes.)Multichrome Gradient


528 Bottle

File this one under “A Pretty Waste of Polish” or, alternatively, “Ideas That Were Never Going to Work, but Good on You for Trying Anyways!”  As you can see, I got it in my head that I could take a true glitter topper – tiny rainbow glitters suspended in a clear base – and layer it enough times that it would eventually become opaque.  Spoiler alert: It didn’t!  What you’re seeing here are a record seven coats of Ozotic’s sadly discontinued 528, a peacock-hued holographic glitter topper that I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt looks and behaves best when layered over a dark polish, if only so you don’t use up one-quarter of the bottle in your attempts to fully cover your nails.  Darker bases also really let the holo glitter pop and enhance all of that fun, rainbow-throwing prettiness in a way that simply spackling your nails with the stuff cannot achieve.  But it’s still so, so lovely, and goof notwithstanding, I think we can still enjoy its colour-shifting beauty, right?  Now to go find a tiny blunt instrument and chisel this (pretty) junk off my nails!528 Outside528 Angle

New Years Eve Glitz

New Years Eve Glitz

Happy New Years Eve, fellow bloggers and nail art aficionados! Wherever you hang your party hat tonight, may you stay safe, revel responsibly and copy these nails for yourself – you’ll be the glitteriest girl at the party!

To get this look, I layered one generous coat of rainbow holographic glitter, Ozotic’s 528, over top of one coat of basic black, China Glaze’s Liquid Leather. Then I created a glitter “gradient” by applying a glitter topper, OPI’s Polka.Com, just to the tips of my nails, spreading it upwards towards my cuticles ever so slightly for that gradual gradient look.

Holoback Girl

Holoback Girl

“Harumph, I don’t get all this holographic polish business,” I may have been overheard grumbling to my husband more than once or twice. “They sell out in two seconds flat and all the nail bloggers talk about them like it’s the second coming of nail polish. It’s malarkey, I say!”

Okay, so I probably didn’t say malarkey, but up until about an hour ago my opinion of the much-lauded holographic polish was dismissive at best, disdainful at worst. But now that I’ve tried out my fresh-from-the-nail-mail bottle of Ozotic’s creatively named 528, I declare myself a changed woman. I get it now; my nails are eight colours of stunning from 20 different directions – just about literally – and I can’t stop staring at my hands. This makes blogging difficult, but thankfully I’m dictating this to my cat.

Kidding! Maybe.