What a Flake!

Stop Flaking Fingers

Not that I objected to having someone else hold the creative reins for the past month of the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge, but there’s a delightful sense of liberation that has come with knowing that I can paint WHATEVER I WANT (at least for the next month until September’s 31 Day Challenge begins.) And what I want right now, nail art-wise, is something simple with major kick – something pretty, glittery and beautifully eye-catching.

Stop Flaking Hand

And so to accomplish just that, I looked to a favourite rainbow flakie polish, Polish Me Silly’s Stop Flaking On Me. I have sung its praises before, but it’s a sentiment worth repeating – Stop Flaking On Me is a fabulous polish, aesthetically and, almost more importantly, in terms of its formulation, which is flawless. Stop Flaking On Me applies beautifully, to be sure, but most impressively, it also removes well – just like the creme polish you most likely layered it over (here OPI’s Fanta-hued A Grape Affair from their Coca-Cola Collection.) That’s the beauty of the colour-shifting chromatic flakies – they do not stick to your nails during (and after) removal like iridescent flakies will. And what of that fun, chromatic colour-shift? Well, it’s awesome, of course! To say nothing of Stop Flaking On Me’s native state, which I think looks like many, many, many rainbow-coloured foils ground up in a blender and added to a bottle of suspension base (for anyone curious, that’s a good thing!)

Stop Flaking Collage

Frenching Beetlejuice (OMD2)

Frenching Beetlejuice

French nail tips, you perverts. Get your minds out of the gutter, please. :\

This manicure, featuring a colour palette inspired by one of my all time favourite movies, the immensely twisted and delightful Beetlejuice, was prompted by day 14’s theme of funky French in the Oh Mon Dieu nail art challenge. French manicures are one of the basics in nail art, and involve painting just the tips of your nails an alternating colour from the base. White tips on a nude base is the standard, and the type of French mani you’ll see most often, so it’s nice to have a chance to colour outside the (nail)lines with this theme.

Here I laid down a base of two polishes from OPI’s recently released Coca Cola collection, Green on the Runway, a greeny-pink duochrome, and A Grape Affair, a dark purple cream, polishes which don’t particularly remind me of their inspirations, Sprite and Grape Fanta, but do apparently remind me of Beetlejuice (this is actually not so surprising; most things in this world remind me of Beetlejuice. It’s the movie that taught me that life (and death) is an insane goat rodeo, and you either adapt with grace or perish. And also that black and white striped anything is AWESOME.) Then, using striping tape for a nice, crisp edge, I taped off the bottom quarter of my nails, painting out just the tips in white before adding those Beetlejuiceian black stripes. Once dry, I removed the tape and smoothed everything out with a high gloss topcoat. And just like that, one fun-kay French mani for folks not totally enamoured of the all nude-and-white thing.