Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism

Neon roses.  Neon leopard spots.  The formerly white, now neon inside of your parents’ washing machine that time you tried at-home tie dyeing (holy crap, weren’t they pissed?!)  I have no idea what this manicure is supposed to be!  But I do know this has quickly become one of my favourite non-technique techniques – just grab a whole pile of bright colours and go abstractedly buck wild.  Happy weekends, y’all, I hope they’re as delightfully fun and random as this mani.


Abstract Formation

Abstract Formation

Wait a second, can there even be such a thing?  I’m thinking here of, say, a rock formation that dips and bends and swirls in an abstract…pattern?  But can something that’s abstract even be a pattern?  Or are we talking semantics here, one person’s formation is another person’s pattern?

You know what I do know?  It’s been a long day, I’m feeling kind of zonked and this conversation is breaking my brain.  So I’ll just note that these nails were simple and fun – just randomly brushed-on streaks of polish in the twilight-dawn colours of the Lush bath bomb I reported on yesterday.  Pretty!  And that’s about as in depth as we’re going to get right now (in the nearly always wise words of Buffy Summers, I’m really operating at a “fire bad, tree pretty” level here.)

Making Waves

Making Waves Hand

So these might be waves. Or maybe a cross-section of one of those semi-precious stones like Malachite. Or a melting glacier. Or seaweed washing up on shore. Or a mountain range. Or a very energetic heart monitor. That’s the beauty of a highly abstract design like this one – to each their own. All *I* know is that every one of my turquoise polishes got a major workout with this manicure, and boy howdy, did they stain! So there’s a small, useful tip with regards to blue/green-based polishes – liberally employ a base coat, or suffer the stained-out consequences.

Making Waves Fingers

Abstract (Nail) Art

Abstract HandI have NO idea what’s going on here! Is that an animal print? Or maybe amoebas? Or the pattern on a tufted ottoman I saw last week? More importantly, do I care? Not really, actually, because I think I’m sort of in love, even if I don’t quite know what I’m in love with. Allover patterns are a favourite, and it’s refreshing to see the crisp colour combination of red, white and blue in a non-patriotic application. Plus I got to use a polish that I really did purchase accidentally (I thought I had clicked on its page neighbour) and now love unconditionally, Contrary Polish’s shimmery red jelly, Beach Blanket. Out in the sun it does the typical juicy, squishy jelly thing, but in lower lighting its purple shimmer adds a gorgeous, but subtle, hit of spotted visual interest that elevates Beach Blanket from an unfortunate mis-click to an absolute must-have.Beach Blanket Bottle