Fall After Dark

After Dark HandI recently wore these Incoco nail strips to lunch (at Swiss Chalet!) with my grandmother, a woman whose lifelong love of nail polish (but only those shades from the brown-pink-mauve side of the colour wheel, thankyouverymuch) I’ve documented previously on this blog. She finds my not brown-pink-mauve manicures endlessly amusing, but when I told her that this particular manicure was accomplished by putting stickers! Made of nail polish! On my fingers!? Mind. BLOWN.

It’s so patronizing to say, “Oh, silly grandmother, what a golden age we live in, in-deed!” but her reaction’s actually the right one – we do live in a golden age of nail art, and there are some mighty cool and inventive products out there that we tend to take for granted, like these amazing nail appliques. Seriously, I’d like to know what dark sorcery brought these delightful things into the world. Because y’know what? They just plain work. Incoco has both lovely, on-trend designs for nail art lovers and beautiful colours for those who want to keep it a touch simpler, and as the lovely, fluffy icing on the cake, they also apply lightning fast (my lunchtime manicure took me 20 minutes, including my oft-neglected right hand) and wear like iron.

And pretty? SO pretty! Here I’ve shown After Dark, a festive glittery gradient from last year’s Halloween collection and a real showstopper, if my grandmother’s reaction was any indication (she stopped thinking about rotisserie chicken for half a minute IN the rotisserie chicken restaurant – that’s how you know they impressed the heck out of her.) As with all of the Incoco products I’ve tried to date, these nail strips are simply good stuff – beautiful designs and colours, decent prices (and if your nails are small like mine and you wrap the extra appliques up well so they don’t dry out, you can get two manicures out of a pack of 16 strips) and best of all, you don’t have to possess a technician’s skill level to create an amazing looking manicure – just peel and stick!After Dark Hand SunAfter Dark Fingers

Turkey Dinner Re-Leaf

Leaf Me BeHappy Thanksgiving, fellow Canuks! True, the observable holiday is not actually until tomorrow, but most of the people I know have their meals tonight, a strategic manoeuvre that puts roughly 24 hours between that third piece of pumpkin pie and the first day of the work week. It’s important to plan ahead, you know. And take a big, long walk once you’ve regained feeling in your brain, a walk on which you might see some pretty fall leaves like these ones? For this seasonally festive manicure, I painted a few burnished, bronzed leaves over top of Incoco’s glittery gradient nail appliques in After Dark for a rich look perfect for post-turkey cool-downs. A simple and effective bit of nail art that works with the beautiful nail strips and doesn’t obliterate their fall-perfect design.