Jumpin’ Jelly

Jumpin' Jelly 1

It was only after I had removed this cute pond manicure that I realized that with its lush magenta hue and floral sun design, it would have made the perfect background for a bit of Tangled-inspired nail art. I seem to recall Rapunzel maneuvering her impossibly gigantic ‘do around a kingdom celebration festooned with flags bearing purple and yellow sun designs.

Pond manicures look impressive, but really only hinge on two simple factors: A not-too-opaque jelly polish and a steady hand for detail work. For this manicure, I painted my nails with two coats of China Glaze’s Are You Jelly? Then, using a detail brush and an assortment of dotting tools, I painted on the floral design, filling in all the gaps to create a sort of mosaic tile design. Then I painted on one thin, even coat of Are You Jelly?, taking my time to ensure I wasn’t covering up too much of the floral sun design, before topping off the whole works with one mega light-reflecting coat of Seche Vite to make everything smooth as the surface of a (jelly-filled) pond.Jumpin' Jelly 2

Grape Expectations

Grape Expectations

These nails, a simple jelly sandwich manicure, look like an ode to antioxidants. There’s something very cran-grape-blueberry about them, no? They also look a bit like Fred Flintstone’s pet dinosaur Dino’s, um, pelt? Hide? Skin? Hmm, well, whatever you call it, my attempts at nail art should probably never make one think about the skinning of a beloved cartoon dinosaur. I think we’ll stick with the blueberry-grape thing instead.

To do these nails, I topped three coats of China Glaze’s Are You Jelly?, an orchid purple jelly, with one light coat of Sephora Formula X’s TNT, a neon blue matte glitter, and then topped the whole thing off with one final coat of Are You Jelly? The overall effect is more opaque than your traditional jelly sandwich manicure, thanks in large part to the lush, electric colours of the polishes, which in combination look nothing like the hide of a hand drawn dino-dog hybrid. No, nothing at all…