Party Polish!


This terrifically fun lacquer, Painted Polish’s Aurora, is all about the festive fete, and I’M all about its party-in-a-bottle assortment of pink, yellow, blue and silver micro glitter.  I particularly love the way the semi-translucent glass-type glitters layer upon each other to create purple from the pink and blue, orange from the yellow and pink and green from the blue and yellow.  It’s such a super cool effect – accidental rainbows! – made sparkly through the addition of silver holographic glitter.  All the better to get yer party unicorn on!


And when the lights go down, Aurora will still have your back, because this polish also glows in the dark!


Formula-wise, this polish applied nicely.  Micro glitters are always a bit tricky, as they tend to clump more readily than other types of glitter, but Aurora was neither too thick, nor too thin, and applied to full opacity in four careful coats.  Texture?  There’s some. Enough that you should use a thick topcoat like Seche Vite as opposed to the doesn’t-even-have-a-name emergency topcoat I used today – no name just sank into the polish, leaving it with a smoothly textured kind of finish that in the name of my hosiery and skin, I’d really prefer to have completely sealed up.

But issues in topcoat choice aside, Aurora is a wonderful lacquer, and another super fun pick from Painted Polish.  I’m looking forward to seeing what my third gifted bottle brings.


Disney Girl Challenge: Sleeping Beauty

Disney Girl Challenge: Sleeping Beauty

No surprise here, but for a girl nicknamed after a magical sleep disorder, Sleeping Beauty is a BORE. Really, what do we know about her? She’s beautiful, she lives in a castle surrounded by people who probably must love her under threat of punishment by the monarchy, and she’s the walking, talking, animated embodiment of “curiosity killed the cat.” Okay, so the cat didn’t die in this case – it just fell into a years-long narcoleptic fit, only to be awoken by a dude wearing too-tight pantaloons with a thing for unconscious girls. Yee-ikes!

Some years back Disney underwent a re-branding exercise for Sleeping Beauty and gave her an actual name, Princess Aurora. Pretty name, pretty dress, boring gal. Sorry, it just can’t be helped.