Center Stage


These ballet slipper nails – three traditional pink, one the shade of sultry, heathen independence! – are for one of my oldest and dearest friends, who is one of my oldest and dearest friends precisely because she shares my love of ultra cheesy ’90s ballet movie, Center Stage.  There are, of course, other reasons we’ve been in each other’s lives going on 25 years now (oh. my. lord.) but mostly it’s just Center Stage.  Jodie Sawyer’s shitty turnout and desperation cookies are the glue that holds our friendship together. 😉

Also the completely awesome mini ballet that closes out the film, wherein Jodie, who has spent the movie embroiled in a love triangle with her sexy rebel teacher and a cute classmate, throws off the shackles of spurned and unrequited love and JUST DANCES THE SHIT OUT OF IT!  And somehow pulls off an ON STAGE quick change, going from a pink tights-and-pastels costume to a sparkly red number, complete with blood red lips, elaborately knotted hair ribbons and the devil’s toe shoes, in the span of about 10 seconds. Dance movie magic at its finest!

Turning Pointe


I danced for a long, long time in my younger days, and I can confirm that toe shoes – the inspiration for this polish, KB Shimmer’s ballet pink glitter, Turning Pointe – are an absolute nightmare.  I was no slouch in my dance classes (actually won a couple of awards for my efforts throughout the years) but I never felt less graceful and daintily light-footed than when I strapped on my toe shoes.  And “strapped” is just the right word, too – rose pink satin ribbons slicing into my ankles, murderous little toe boxes squeezing the life out of my piggies…it always felt like the shoes were working against me, like I had to heave myself up and en pointe around them.  Professional ballerinas do themselves a great disservice by making it all look so effortlessly light, but I know better!

Turning Pointe, another lovely Christmas gift, is one of KB Shimmer’s mega flame holographic lacquers.  In layman’s terms, that means it’s a big old sparkle-a-palooza. And what a shimmering beauty she is, too, stuffed to the brim with holographic micro glitter in a super flattering ballet pink base.  Just gorgeous.  Also opaque in three light coats, and available (along with a number of its equally beautiful collection mates) through Harlow & Co.