I Carried a Watermelon

I Carried a Watermelon Bottle

Little Dirty Dancing humour for you there on this Victoria Day long weekend.  Which would normally signal the start of summer – hot and hazy temps, fireworks and lots of watermelon – except it’s about 10 degrees above zero today and gloomier than a Tim Burton film.

So I thought I’d liven things up a bit with this watermelon mani featuring one of my favourite polishes, KB Shimmer’s Belle of the Mall.  I’ve rhapsodized about this polish on more than a couple of occasions, and with its lively mix of silver holographic glitter in a fruit punch-hued base, it makes a more than adequate stand-in for summer’s juiciest and most ubiquitous fruit.

Odd little blank spot in my life: I have never consumed an electric (or shall we say alcohol-enhanced) watermelon.  Can anyone tell me if I’m missing out here?  I feel like maybe the time for such conspicuous consumption is beyond my advancing age and liver, but I could *perhaps* be convinced otherwise. 😉

I Carried a Watermelon Fingers

Sour Watermelon Slices

Watermelon Slices Fingers Shade

In high school, a favourite activity among my group of friends was to drive one of our parents’ cars (a wild assortment of vehicles that included a VW bus, a plush Crown Vic, a compact Festiva, a Jimmy and my family’s tragic LTD) to a completely out of the way 7-11 to flirt with cute skater boys in the parking lot.  Yup, not much more to it than that – just a whole lot of cute teen awkwardness fueled by the occasional pit stop actually inside the store to fuel up on sugar, like little paper bags of 5 cent sour gummy candies shaped like cherries and peaches and watermelons.  Hey, kind of like these watermelons here!

Watermelon Slices Fingers Sun

Or should I say waterMALLons?  Y’know, on account of the melon-hued glitter polish I used here, KB Shimmer’s Belle of the Mall?  I love this polish so, so much – in my top five at least.  Best of all, as you can see from the lowered polish line and the cluster of holo glitter towards the bottom of the bottle, I use Belle of the Mall all the time.  Pretty AND functional?  Well, that makes it pretty much the greatest polish ever, especially when it also helps create such great (sour?) watermelon slice nail art.

Watermelon Slices Bottle

Glitter Melons (OMD3)

Watermelon Hand

Watermelon, day 12’s theme in the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge, is a design I have done to death (actually, as recently as last week, when I did watermelon wedges for the prompt of V-shaped.) It’s a classic for a very good reason (also the first bit of nail art I ever did, just a little over two years ago.) But that doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten a bit tired of painting the juicy little buggers, and quite frankly, I thought I had run out of melony inspiration, especially in light of some of the awesomely creative designs already posted by the other challenge participants.

But it seems there might be a bit of fuel left in the tank, and so I decided to take the humble watermelon design in a totally different direction, deconstructing it and breaking it down into a series of stripes and dots featuring two of my favourite KB Shimmer glitter bombs, dark green Get Clover It and Hawaiian-Punch-for-your-nails, Belle of the Mall. I like the buttoned down details as set against the juiciest of my glitter jellies. Fun, simple and something just a tiny little bit different.

The A-Team

Without getting too nihilistic on you, friends who come here to see nail art but instead get lured into 1,200-word diatribes on my cats and/or The Lost Boys, 2014 was a bad, bad year. To be sure, there were some lovely, wonderful moments – new babies! an unexpectedly fun road trip! the discovery of Misfits! – but for my family at least, and a distressingly large number of my friends and acquaintances, 2014 was a year defined by loss, grief and hardships great and small. I won’t be sorry to see it go.

Okay, so 2014 sucked. But do you know what didn’t? These nail polishes! Which seems like the ultimate in ridiculous non sequiturs, but really, in a year that’s been as unpleasant as the past one, why shouldn’t we take a moment to appreciate the things that gave us a bit of joy, even those as immaterially material as silly old nail polish? No good reason that I can think of! And so I present to you this photo gallery of the polishes that rocked my world this year, a motley assortment of holos and flakies and industrially chunky glitters that prove that good things – and sometimes good, don’t-hate-the-world feelings – truly do come in small packages. 😉

Sitting atop the heap and not included in this gallery is my pick for polish of the year, Candy Lacquer’s everything-and-the-kitchen-sink glitter, Candy Cane Fiesta. I’ve expounded on its loveliness – some may say at length! – so I’ll say no more before it develops a swelled head.Blue and Green Christmas

The following nine are presented in no particular order or ranking – they’re across-the-board beautiful and so well made, I’ve found uses for them in multiple manis this year, and will continue to well into the new year. Here’s to the little lacquered things!

1. Polish Me Silly’s pink, white and blue glitter topper, Mr. Bubble.Mr. Bubble

2. Smitten Polish’s red shimmer-infused purple jelly, You Saucy Minx.You Saucy Minx

3. KB Shimmer’s Hawaiian Punch-in-a-bottle, Belle of the Mall.Sparkling Strawberry

4. KB Shimmer’s grass green glitter jelly, Get Clover It.Get Clover It

5. Orly’s silver holo of the year, Mirrorball.Mirrorball

6. Dance Legend’s cobalt blue jelly flakie, Sun Still Sleeps.Sun Still Sleeps

7. Candy Lacquer’s super fruity matte glitter, Citrus Smoothie.Citrus Smoothie

8. KB Shimmer’s Frozen-in-a-bottle, Snow Much Fun.Snow Much Fun

9. Polish Me Silly’s pink-to-gold-to-green chrome flakie, Stop Flaking on Me.Stop Flaking on Me

Polish Me Silly’s polishes are available through their Etsy shop. You can find KB Shimmer’s wares through their own site if you’re an American customer, or through Harlow & Co.’s site if you’re an international customer. Smitten Polish’s goods are available through their Big Cartel site, as are Candy Lacquer‘s. Orly polishes are available at brick and mortar Sally Beauty Supply shops, as well as their website. Finally, Dance Legend polishes are best and most reliably acquired through international stocklist Llarowe’s website.

Sticky Fingers (OMD2)

Sticky FingersWith all foodie respect to those who worship at the altar of sweetened gelatin fruitstuffs, jam just ain’t my jam (not a fan of jam, I am?) I do rather like the idea of it, though, and I typically make at least one batch of preserves a year that I hand out like little gifts from the diabetes fairy, but SALT is the taste sensation that gets my taste buds dancing. Salt and fat, actually, preferably in unison.

But day 10’s theme in the Oh Mon Dieu challenge was a favourite polish, not favourite snack foods, and since my favourite polish, KB Shimmer’s Belle of the Mall, reminds me of juicy strawberry jam and not a bag of Cape Cod potato chips, we get these sticky, drippy nails instead. It’s a jamvalanche!

I have waxed poetic about Belle of the Mall before and most recently used it in one of my all time favourite manicures, but it bears repeating: It’s a fantastic polish, and it more than deserves a spot in any lacquerista’s stash. I got my bottle from Harlow & Co., but if you’re one of those lucky sods in the States or somewhere else KB Shimmer delivers directly to, you can go straight to the source.

Strawberry Season

Strawberry Season

Or almost strawberry season, I should say. Here in my neck of the Canadian woods we’re still a few weeks away from the big berry blitz, so until then I’ll have to content myself with this juicy-looking, strawberry-inspired manicure. Strawberry nail art is always popular, no matter the season (a berry design was the second bit of nail art I ever attempted), but I like to think my blingy berries are a step apart thanks to the gorgeous, sparkling polish I used here, KB Shimmer’s Belle of the Mall. In fact, the idea for this simple berry design came from Belle of the Mall itself, which I once compared to the colour of sparkling strawberries. All it needs is a bit of topping off with a tiny green topper, and voila, strawberry season, at least on your nails. 😉

Sparkling Strawberry

Belle of the Mall

Well, this is just some of the prettiest stuff ever.  Here I’ve shown a new polish from a new-to-me brand, KB Shimmer‘s strawberry jelly glitter bomb, Belle of the Mall.  KB Shimmer is a well established brand with a large following, but I’ve never managed to get my paws on a bottle.  That all changed the other day, though, during one of those race-to-the-checkout-type events on Harlow & Co. when I grabbed two of KB’s new spring releases, including this yummy looking stunner.  And I’m pleased to report that in addition to being gorgeous (the silver holo glitter seems to hang suspended in the polish), it applies beautifully in just two coats and dries to a lush, shiny finish.  Gorgeous!Belle of the Mall