They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara

Cemetery Gates 1

Call this updated Night of the Living Dead-esque manicure the inevitable sequel to a design I always thought I could do a little bit better.  I’m sure George A. Romero thought likewise when he attempted Dawn of the Dead.  Ooh, sick zombie burn!

But real talk?  Wonkus hand position aside, I actually prefer the original design; it’s clearer than this muddled black-and-white cemetery, and the tiny details are more delicately rendered.  Here, take a peek!

Not entirely unfortunate, right?  Like I said, slightly sideways hand position aside (it took a long, long time to nail down a position that both felt and looked good) I think this 2013 manicure is far superior to the one I did today.  What’s old is new again!  Or maybe I’m just regressing?  Hard to tend to my nail artabilities when I’m running off to Disney every 20 seconds (slight exaggeration, but only slight – we’re leaving for our anniversary trip in two days!  So 172,800 seconds.)  Anyhow, perhaps I’ll have to update the update of the original, just to put these black-and-white zombie things six feet under where they properly belong once and for all. 😉

Black Pearl

Black Pearl Fingers

Years ago, somewhere in between dressing like an overgrown skater skid crossed with a Spice Girl (the mid to late ’90s were a very confusing time fashion-wise) and then adopting the style I have now, which is actually no style at all, I was running around town in what I liked to call Business Goth – basically business casual clothes in all your favourite shades of black, ebony and onyx.  But always with a devastatingly nasty pair of shoes, because one does want a hint of colour (and a whole lot of shit-kicking height.)  Pearls helped up the sparkle factor as well, especially this tragically fake, multi-tiered necklace I bought on clearance from Claire’s and wore until the clasp broke and its hundreds of tiny plastic spheres rained down onto my hardwood floors. These nails look a lot like that necklace.

I’m still finding those beads, by the way.