Uni-Dragon Fingers

If such a mythical, hybrid creature actually existed (and I bet if I went looking, I could find some VERY disturbing otherkin fanfic, so maybe I just won’t) I have no doubt its…scales…or perhaps hair (?) would look just like this manicure, an awesome combination of Emily de Molly’s green glitter, Black Forest, and Ozotic’s unimaginatively-named chromatic glitter topper, 528.

Uni-Dragon Fingers Side

Dragon Scales

Dragon Scales

This polish, a stunner I picked up during a race-to-the-checkout-type event at NailPolishCanada.com some months back, reminds me of glittering reptile skin, only less slimy, less likely to get me in trouble with PETA and a lot more…supernatural? Do you suppose supernatural can be a descriptor in such a sense?

Here I’ve shown three coats of Emily de Molly’s Black Forest, a high gloss black jelly run through with emerald green hex glitter. Nothing more, nothing less. Because when you’re this beautiful, you don’t really need a lot of extraneous adornment.