Blue Spruce

December 2015 Collage

And so here we are at the end of the year, celebrating the final day of December and indeed the entire Year 2015 with one final Enchanted mystery polish, blue spruce-hued December 2015.  I had a feeling that December was going to be a Christmas tree-type green.  The only other green of the year was a pale, watery mint in March; we were overdue for something rich and festive.

Like every other mystery polish released this year, December 2015 is a beautiful holographic shot through with colour-bending shimmer.  The ultra fine gold shimmer running throughout December 2015 is particularly lovely, mingling with the Kelly green base to produce a gentle blue hue that reminds me of blue spruce trees.  The holographic effect in this polish is also spectacular, although that’s really no surprise – a beautiful, dark holo like this one was meant to dazzle, and dazzle it does.

But stain it does not!  Because this time – unlike that time with Colors by Llarowe’s grass green holo, Gemini Rising – I remembered to lay down two thick coats of base coat so I don’t have to walk around for the next month with pee green nails.  See, kids, we’re learnin’!

December 2015 Sun Bottle

Holiday Wine

Holiday 2015 Collage

I thought the last lacquer in Enchanted Polish’s 2015 mystery buy program was going to be the as-yet-unswatched December 2015, but it turns out Enchanted had a little surprise up its sleeve, rounding out the year with a special holiday polish to make 2015’s offerings an even baker’s dozen. This gorgeous wintery wine is Holiday 2015, and it’s everything I thought KB Shimmer’s Men Are From Mars-ala was going to be, but regrettably was not – a rich, brown-leaning holograhpic red.  That it’s the more flattering of the two choices is not surprising, given its hints of gorgeous, purpley-red shimmer, which means it’s really not any kind of marsala at all, but hey, wine is wine, amirite? (Says the woman who imbibed high school-style during a reunion of friends and paid for it for the remainder of the holidays.  “Never again!” she AND her friends undoubtedly said…until next year when they plan to do it all over again.)

Holiday 2015 Collage Holo

Plum Perfect

November 2015 Bottle 2

Three more monthly mystery polishes arrived on my doorstep today courtesy of Enchanted Polish, and I immediately jumped to the back of the line to swatch this plummy beauty, November 2015. Like all the other polishes that have been part of Enchanted’s mystery buy program this year, November 2015 is a linear holo, boosted with a gorgeous dusting of co-ordinating shimmer, this time a sort of bluey-red that gives this plum-toned purple an almost duochrome type of effect.

November 2015 Fingers Shade

It is really SO beautiful, and the kind of “normal,” everyday shade that will appeal to all nail polish aficionados, and not just those of us crazy enough to paint our nails with colours that can most charitably be described as nuclear waste (come on, we’ve all been there; “Hon, this colour isn’t totally butt ugly, is it? Hon? Sweetie?”)

Like all Enchanted polishes, November 2015 applies smoothly and evenly, levels out nicely and dries down to a beautiful eggshell finish that I always top with a shimmer-enhancing layer of Seche Vite regardless, because that’s what I always do. Plum gorgeous!

November 2015 Bottle 1

Enchanté: An Enchanted Polish Mystery Buy Review

Enchanted BottlesAs we near the halfway point of the year, I thought it would be a useful exercise to assess the “Should you buy it?”-ness of the only monthly polish purchase “program” I participate in, Enchanted Polish’s monthly mystery buys. Fans of continuity probably won’t like coming into something nearly mid-way through the year, but for anybody interested in the remainder of 2015 or even next year’s collection, there’s a lot here to love.

For starters, it’s not a monthly program or subscription service at all. Rather, you pre-order, sight unseen, a polish corresponding to each month of the year. The mystery of what will arrive in your mailbox in four to six weeks is what keeps this non-program program fun, although the lack of subscription fees and monthly deliveries of useless, unwanted items are nice touches, both. And on the subject of fees, the first five months of the year have so far been split into two orders, one for January and February and one for March, April and May, which cuts down on pesky shipping charges. The polishes retail for the same amount as all of Enchanted’s lacquers (a not-insubstantial $16 US), which I understand can be a deterrent to purchase, particularly when the choice of colour and finish is not yours to make. One small downside to consider. Sticklers for continuity may also, as I mentioned, not wish to jump into the year with five months’ of mysteries already unraveled. To each their own.

But! If you don’t mind Enchanted calling a few of the shots for you, I’d absolutely recommend opting in to this fun monthly experience. It goes without saying (even though here I am saying it) that Enchanted’s formulations are perfection – solid two-coaters that flow onto the nail smoothly and evenly – so no worries there. Their holographic finishes are particularly lovely, so how very fortuitous that the first five polishes of the year have been rainbow-throwing holos. Of the mystery colours themselves, one of them I adore (February, a rich, rose red), two of them I feel quite passionately about (January and May, a dark eggplant and a superhero blue, respectively) and two I like well enough to use in nail art, but maybe not everyday wear (March and April, an icy green and even icier grey that regrettably give me a wicked case of corpse hands.) And it’s such a small, silly, seemingly inconsequential thing, but have you seen the pretty holographic boxes they come in? They’re such good boxes, if you, like me, are wowed by paper products and pretty, shiny things, particularly pretty, shiny things made of paper products.Enchanted Boxes

Best of all, it’s nice getting a little treat every month that’s expected and desired, but also a little unknown. And the snobby side of me won’t lie either – that limited edition, one-time-only caché can have a powerful pull indeed. All the same, I really like what Enchanted has done with these mystery buys so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have in store for 2015. Count me in ’til the end.Enchanted 1 CollageEnchanted 2 Collage

Blue Velvet

May 2015 BottleSaving the best for last, this is Enchanted Polish’s mystery lacquer for May 2015. Like both March and April, May is a shimmer-infused holographic beauty, this time in a rich, lush, almost textured-looking indigo blue. I actually call this kind of pure, primary blue “superhero blue” – can’t you picture Spidey or Superman or Captain Ass America wearing this colour? They do wear this colour, although perhaps not in a rainbow holographic finish. 😉

Compared to its mystery order-mates, icy pastels both, May 2015 is intensely hued, and positively packed with blue shimmer and gorgeous linear rainbows. The blue-on-blue shimmer in particular adds a rich depth to this polish that makes it look ever so slightly textured, although it dries to Enchanted’s always-flawless satin eggshell finish, just as they all do. Vibrant blues like this one do have the unfortunate habit of staining, however, and this one proved to be no exception. A coat or two of a good base coat (and a steady hand when applying) will keep any staining to an absolute minimum, so you can get back to the serious business of admiring exactly how beautiful May 2015’s rainbows look dancing away on your fingertips. A lovely final pick for this latest round of monthly mystery buys.May 2015 CollageMay 2015 Sun Bottle


April 2015 BottleThat’s the cutesie, mashed up name the colour grey and the month of April would have if they were a celebrity couple. It’s also the name I’m giving to this lacquer, a shimmery grey holo Enchanted Polish has tapped as their mystery shade for April 2015.

Like March’s polish, April 2015 is pastel, holographic and stuffed with a fine pink shimmer that makes it glow a faint purple indoors and in the shade. It’s not a colour I would have chosen for myself had I the choice in the first place (as this particular shade of grey gives my already melanomally-challenged skin an especially asphyxiated tinge) but a dainty, pale holo is never not in demand, and will make a fine background polish for all manner of nail art. Formula-wise, Enchanted’s polishes are second to none, flowing onto the nail smoothly and evenly and drying to a satin eggshell finish in three light coats (I used Seche Vite over top of this manicure, however, because I always do; topcoats not only seal and protect, but in the case of holos, pull out all the sparkle in those lovely, glittering rainbows.)April 25th CollageApril 2015 Sun Bottle

Mystery Mint

March 2015 Shade BottleContinuing with the previous months’ heavenly holos, but this time adding a touch of iridescent shimmer, Enchanted Polish’s mystery lacquer for March 2015 is an icy pastel beauty perfect for bridging that weird seasonal gap we’re in right now between Spring and Summer and – if you’re living on the east coast of Canada – the tail end of Winter. Lousy Smarch weather.

I was quite pleased with the mystery polishes Enchanted released for January and February 2015, and March’s pick is proving to be no exception. The fine iridescent shimmer that lends this polish a purple-tinged, duochrome effect in lower lighting is very of-the-moment (an extreme(ley) beautiful example is Mentality Polish’s matte Bash) and my nail polish stash at least is quite bereft of pastel holos. I also love the fresh, minty colour, an almost frosted green hue particularly flattering to us pale skinned ladies. Another solid pick that makes me want to unravel all the other mysteries Enchanted has planned for 2015.March 2015 CollageNo Label March 2015 Bottle

Plum Perfect

Enchanted BottleA perfectly plummy holographic was the name of the game – and the polish – for Enchanted Polish’s January 2015 surprise pre-order. Like the beauty I featured in yesterday’s post, the sublimely gorgeous, red rose-hued February 2015, January’s purple pick is a holographic stunner, this time shot through with a deep plum shimmer. Another solid pick in Enchanted’s Mani of the Month Club. And now I have no choice but to get the other 10 months’ of the year. Bummer. 🙂January 2015 CollageRight Jan 2015 Hand

Better Off Red

Enchanted BottleSo I recently did the thing I told myself I wasn’t going to do, which was buy into Enchanted Polish’s frankly ridiculous (but ridiculously effective) marketing tactic of releasing such limited quantities of their polishes, every single one becomes an instant limited edition must-have. Their products are gorgeous – always, every time, and worth every penny of their elevated price tags – but obtaining them is such a pain. There’s always some mad, dash-to-the-cash-type event that leaves you feeling ever so slightly unsatisfied, probably because the second of the two polishes you wanted sold out in the amount of time it took you to place the first in your cart. Or in this case you pre-order two polishes totally blind, because you apparently don’t remember that promise you made to yourself about not doing precisely that, the only clue to your two-piece polish purchase being that they are called January and February 2015. Because once you’ve started to tip, why not just topple all the way over, right?

As I said, Enchanted’s formulations are indisputably divine, so I wasn’t worried about that in a buy sight unseen, but noting that Enchanted has been on a bit of a creme kick recently, I *was* somewhat worried that I’d wind up with a $20 bottle of a basic white creme.

But me of little faith! Because these polishes, plummy January 2015 and this red beauty, February 2015, are gorgeous and the exact shades I would have picked for myself if given the choice. So it was a bit of a gamble, but in this case I think it paid off beautifully!February 2015 CollageFebruary 2015 Hand