Zombie Kitty

Zombie KittyThese Hello Zombie nails are my entry in Nail Polish Canada’s annual Halloween Nail Art Challenge. I didn’t participate last year, having only just started dabbling in nail art some months prior and having not yet discovered the delightful, bank account-draining world of online polish stocklists. So it’s with excitement that I submit these zombiefied Hello Kitty nails that I think are so, so cute without being all gross and bloody (some of the Google images of Zombie Kitty are disturbing.) Just a hint of exposed organs – and one yummy-looking brain cupcake – for my Kitty. 😉

If you think my brains-obsessed Kitty is swell and you’d like to vote for her in the Nail Polish Canada contest, you can do so here. My entry is “Zombie Kitty/Finger Candy” – not that you’d be able to miss her cute little neon green mug! And thank you for thinking enough of my work to take the time to vote. It’s a lovely feeling indeed to know you care, you really, really care! But in all seriousness (in this most serious business of nail art) thank you.