Rainbow Sprinkle Cotton Candy Fluff

Fluff HandYou’ll have to forgive the overly florid and descriptive title of this post; I recently received an order of delicious-smelling wax melts (those little tarts you melt in a burner) and they’ve all got adorable – but needlessly complicated and overly descriptive – names like Applemuffin Wildberry Crunchie Pie and Choco-Mallow Streusel Cookie Bites. All right, so those might be wee exaggerations, but I’m pretty sure I actually do have a tart that’s called Rainbow Sprinkle Cotton Candy Fluff, which is precisely what these nails remind me of – rainbow sprinkle-dusted cotton candy.

For these fun, neon-speckled nails, I topped a cling wrap manicure of Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in Breezy Blue and Bubblegum Pink with two coats of Polish Me Silly’s Freckles, a rainbow glitter topper that is my go-to for any manicure I want to look sprinkled. Mmm, sprinkles…Fluff Fingers

Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink

Here’s a manicure featuring a bottle of homebrew from “promising” “new” “indie polish maker”, Finger Candy Diningroom Table Industries. Free cat fur or furs with every polish nearly guaranteed.

But all joking aside, I made this polish, Sweet Weege, some months back, and after having let it sit around and do its thing during that time, I’m pleased to report that it has held up fantastically well – no glitter curling, no colour bleeding – and still looks pretty great over top of a fun, bubblegum pink polish, Sally Hansen’s appropriately named Bubblegum Pink, even if the little hearts do get a bit lost in the mix.