Life’s a funny thing sometimes, isn’t it?  Just the other day I was wondering if one of my favourite childhood books, Bunnicula by James Howe, would be appropriate for a friend’s seven-year-old mega reader.  Published in 1979, Bunnicula (and a couple of follow-up books; it was a three-part series) tells the story of the Monroe family and the small, frightened bunny they adopt after finding him at a theatre during a showing of Dracula. Dubbed “Bunnicula,” the new recruit joins a menagerie of animals at the Monroe home that includes patient, wise and understanding Harold the dog and Chester, a conspiracy theorist cat who is deeply suspicious of his adorable new roommate.  Suspicious enough that when vegetables begin appearing in the kitchen pale, lifeless and drained of their juices, Chester immediately declares Bunnicula an actual vampire.  Shenanigans ensue that may involve Chester trying to off Bunnicula by throwing a steak on top of him as opposed to, you know, staking him.  It’s all so cute.  I adored those books.

So as these things go, I decided to do some nail art honouring Bunnicula and his juice lust. But it’s been about 20 years since I’ve even laid eyes on those books, and I couldn’t remember the names of the pets or even Howe, the author, so off to Wikipedia I scrolled. That’s when I discovered that just this past February The Cartoon Network began airing an animated Bunnicula show!  I understand it’s not quite MY Bunnicula – this show apparently depicts a rabbit that was the beloved pet of Dracula – but how weird is that?  I haven’t thought about the Bunnicula world in decades, and suddenly in the span of two days I can’t get away from it.  Life’s just odd like that, I guess.  I mean, not vampire bunny odd, but odd just the same.

For these nails, I decided to depict Bunnicula in his natural state – mid-drain, some of his victims lying nearby, pale and lifeless.  I particularly like the carrot juice droplets hanging from his two front fangs.  I do wish he didn’t look quite so demonic (smeary topcoat just makes everything great) but it definitely fits.  Still, better beets than blood, right? 😉

Bunny Butts

Bunny ButtsThe start of a new month means another set of challenge prompts from the fine ladies of N.A.I.L., and these fluffy little rabbit posteriors are my contribution to week one’s theme of Easter. Five weeks has April, and so there are five themes this go-round, encompassing seasonal (and rhyming!) picks like April showers and Spring flowers. I don’t actually do a whole lot of floral nail art, so it will be nice to stretch my polished legs a bit and maybe try out a fun new design. Which is the whole point of the Nail Art Ideas Linkup, so I’d say April is off to a pretty great start already!Naillinkup-april-2015