Butterfly Candy

Butterfly Candy Bottle

Squeezing some of my sunniest polishes into the final few days of summer with this pretty swatch of Candy Lacquer’s Butterfly Candy, a favourite rainbow glitter bomb speckled with a kaleidoscope of butterflies (fun science-y tidbit: that is the actual technical term for a grouping of butterflies, a kaleidoscope.  So beautifully fitting!)

Butterfly Candy Fingers

A Monday Mis-Match

Red Candy Bottle

Kicking off the beginning of another week with this pretty, colourful manicure that, if I’m not mistaken, doesn’t quite match! I don’t often pair this fun glitter topper, Candy Lacquer’s Butterfly Candy, with anything other than pastels – polishes that are any darker than a mid-tone tend to obscure the tinier bits of glitter. But I was looking for a different kind of effect with this manicure – more saturated, and a little more in keeping with the upcoming holiday season. I’m just not sure a rich, raspberry-tinged cerise (Essie’s Plumberry) was the answer (although I apparently very much have fruit on the mind.) This manicure feels, for lack of a better term, clashy. 😉 Perfect for those Monday, Monday blues (or reds), though, I suppose.

Red Candy Fingers

Candy (Lacquer) Shop

Candy Lacquer Collage

Despite embarking on a real tear of original nail art designs over the past month, my best-liked manicures, both by you, my friends, and indeed everyone who saw them, were the four swatches I did of my recently acquired Candy Lacquer glitter polishes. I understand why everyone loves these polishes – they’re super cheery, always contain an absolutely bonkers mix of every-shape-under-the-sun glitter and come in a gorgeous assortment of vibrant, unusual colour combinations. I feel quite strongly about these polishes, and so I hold them no ill will for coming in and throwing distracting fairy dust all over my hard work. 😉 Going clockwise from the upper left we have Butterfly Candy, Ring Pops, Melting Popsicles and Beach Blanket. So much fun!

Butterfly CandyButterfly Candy Fingers

Ring PopsRing Pops Fingers

Melting PopsiclesMelting Popsicles Fingers

Beach BlanketBeach Blanket Fingers

As always, if you dig Candy Lacquer’s sweet pretties – and based on the response to the manis I do using their polishes, I think you do! – you can find their polishes here. They just released some fun, Halloween-themed glitters for a more bootiful you. 🙂

Melting Popsicles

Melting Popsicles Bottle

Saving the best for last, this gorgeous, super cheery polish, Candy Lacquer’s Melting Popsicles, is the final polish from this summer’s small haul that saw me add all four picks to my “best of” list. I already adored Candy Lacquer’s mega glitter bombs, and the four I picked up this summer, Ring Pops, Butterfly Candy, Beach Blanket and this lovely, Melting Popsicles, just confirmed what I already knew – Candy Lacquer’s products are outstandingly creative, beautifully made and always make your nails look like they survived an explosion at the candy, sprinkle and confetti factory. Don’t know about you, but that’s good in my books. 😉

Melting Popsicles Fingers

Candy Butterflies

Butterfly Candy Hand

Not to be confused with candied butterflies, which I think would be pretty gross and needlessly labour-intensive. Then again, I’ve never dined on a dragonfly or noshed on a nit, so what do I know about it? My dad, who for a period of time was travelling to some very remote places in China and Africa, where they do not have the same hang-ups that we do about our protein sources, has eaten more than his fair share of insects. The verdict? Pain in the ass. Crunchy. Garlic. Ah, yes, garlic – the great culinary equalizer (this is true; a few years ago I happily scarfed down a plate of duck testicles at a weird, hipster foodie event because they tasted like delicious garlic meat nuggets. Which they were. I’d never eat them again, but when in Rome and all that. Sorry, nut-less ducks.)

Anyhow, tangents aside, I do not believe that candied butterflies would taste very good. And they certainly wouldn’t look as good as these glitter bomb nails, which I did using Butterfly Candy, a new-to-me glitter topper from Candy Lacquer. I initially tried Butterfly Candy over a medium-toned, grape soda-hued creme, but it really masked and dulled the effect of the multi-multi-multi-coloured glitter. So I swapped out the base for a simple pastel purple, and the resulting mani is rainbow-sprinkled perfection…with lots of bitty butterflies. 🙂

Butterfly Candy FingersButterfly Candy Bottle