You’re Unbe-leafable

BeLeaf Collage

Here’s another gorgeous, seasonally splendid lacquer from Smitten Polish’s What a Punny Autumn Collection, Can You BeLeaf These Puns? Like the polish I featured yesterday, collection mate Orange You Glad It’s Pun-kin Season, BeLeaf is a rich jelly polish, this time a warm, red-tinged brown, stuffed with gently glimmering holographic glitter. Once again, I think these polishes show their best selves in the shade, where they look deep and textured – in BeLeaf’s case, that slightly textured look reminds me of coffee grounds (tell no one, but sometimes when I make coffee, I just stick my face in the bag of grounds and inhale. I love to drink the stuff, but I might almost like to smell it more; one of life’s great fragrances.)

BeLeaf Shade Fingers

Best of all, Can You BeLeaf These Puns? seems to be a colour dupe of another Smitten lacquer and one of my all time favourite polishes, linear holo Seasonal Lattes from last year’s fall collection. A good, super rich, chocolate brown holo is a hard thing to find, so you’ve got to jump on that java-hued goodness while you can. To that end, you can find Smitten’s beautiful polishes, including Can You BeLeaf These Puns?, here.

BeLeaf Shade Bottle