Candy Appletini

Candy AppletiniMmm mmm good is the candy appletini. And I’d know, because it was the signature drink on offer at my Halloween wedding and I drank about 10 of them (you’ll be glad to know I wasn’t one of those sad, sloshed brides, though – I powered through that day on pure adrenaline (and a lovely cheese plate that seemingly apparated out of thin air; come to think of it, where did that cheese come from?) and I suspect the alcohol just burned off the second it passed my tonsils.) Of course, those 10 cocktails led to one tremendously awkward, yet hilarious, trip to the ladies room with a friend, the two of us in near-hysterics, squished into a stall in which my dress was taking up about 80 percent of the space, and that’s a wonderful memory I wouldn’t trade for anything (not even the sugar hangover I had the next morning. Mmm mmm good is the candy appletini, but I’m pretty sure one drink contains more than your lifetime allotment of refined sugar.)