The Four Main Food Groups

ElfBuddy the Elf says, “Eat lots of sugar, kids, and you’ll grow up big and strong like me!” Or failing straight-up refined sugar, you can always gorge yourselves silly on the elves’ four preferred food groups, candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup!

Note: Elf makes me cry great big salty tears of stupidity every time I watch it. When James Caan finally learns the true meaning of Christmas and Santa’s sleigh lifts off above Central Park and all the people start singing, I bawl. Every single time, like elf-propelled clockwork. It’s such a sweet movie.


PreppymintI can’t help it; anything striped and in a pink, green and white colour combination automatically gets sorted into the “Preppy” folder in my brain. I think it’s because every grosgrain ribbon belt or perfectly knotted hair bow I’ve ever seen has been in some variation of these pepperminty-type colours, to say nothing of Lacoste’s pop-collared tees (do they come in any shades other than pink and alligator green?) or Ralph Lauren’s iconic horsey button-downs (my childhood best friend had striped ones in both pink and white AND green and white!) or those super cute and hopelessly unflattering cotton capri pants festooned with tiny embroidered strawberries. Actually, I don’t know what I’m complaining about here, if I’m actually complaining at all – I like Lacoste tees (although one at a time and sans popped collar, frat boys) and I wore the elbows out of my Ralph Lauren button-down and if I lived on Nantucket and had a slightly smaller butt, I’d be all over those berry capris. But until then (yes, I’d like my Nantucket beach house now, thankyouverymuch), I’m satisfied with this cute, free-handed holiday mani inspired by some of my favourite minty munchies.