The Four Main Food Groups

ElfBuddy the Elf says, “Eat lots of sugar, kids, and you’ll grow up big and strong like me!” Or failing straight-up refined sugar, you can always gorge yourselves silly on the elves’ four preferred food groups, candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup!

Note: Elf makes me cry great big salty tears of stupidity every time I watch it. When James Caan finally learns the true meaning of Christmas and Santa’s sleigh lifts off above Central Park and all the people start singing, I bawl. Every single time, like elf-propelled clockwork. It’s such a sweet movie.

No Tricks, Just Treats

All TreatsNothing but straight up Halloween candy goodness here, folks. Except for that wee small part where in the past I have declared candy corn to be the Devil’s foodstuff. The real trick would be getting me to eat one. Design-wise, however, the candy corn is iconic, and so the partially gelatinous, partially sandy (?) little buggers still receive top billing in this fun, candy-coated mani featuring a festively sweet gradient and some tiny Halloween sweets.

Candy Corn Redux

Candy Corn Redux

This may prove to be an unpopular sentiment, but candy corn? Is the WORST. Nasty frosted sugar bombs, yuck! Which could totally be your bag, but most assuredly is not mine! I concede they look adorable, though, and the colour combo is always a Halloween crowd pleaser, which is why they find themselves dancing across my nails in this bit of matteified nail art.