Having a (Gum) Ball

Having a (Gum)Ball

Well, would you look at that – nail art for the second day in a row, just like I promised yesterday!  I probably shouldn’t be quite so excited about just honouring a rather easy-to-hold promise, but as I mentioned, oh, months ago now, I’ve been having a lot of difficulty motivating myself in the direction of my nail art supplies, so this really is quite an accomplishment.  Today I’m featuring a simple gum ball-type design, quite easy – just dots made with a dotting tool and a handful of rainbow-hued polishes – but still very striking.  Actual candy for these fingers. 😉

Choking Hazard


While I was looking up photos of jawbreaker candies for this sweet manicure, it struck me just how much of a safety hazard these candies really are.  All of them start out life tooth-breakingly hard, but when you add in the sheer size of some of them – about the size of a child’s fist – I don’t know how they’re not sent off to the same prison as Kinder Eggs for choking hazard crimes.  They’re basically dental work-destroying, candied ball gags.

But cute?  So cute!  And at the end of the day, still candy, so ignore all that prior talk of busted teeth and blocked trachea, huh?  Also a great excuse to use the so, so messy splatter technique for this manicure, which involves blowing nail polish out the end of a straw and onto your nails (always blow, never suck; these nails just look edible!)

Sprinkle Pops

Sprinkle Pops Again

Because every so often I just have to paint my nails like something frosted and sprinkled, preferably both! Donuts are the ideal, but here I used a sweet lollipop nail charm from Daily Charme – I’m indiscriminate about the foodstuffs I’ll top with sprinkles, mostly in nail art, but occasionally sometimes also in life (I CANNOT make a chocolate box cake with tub icing without coating it in about half a cup of rainbow jimmies. Crunchy sugar goodness.) 🙂

Oh, Lolli, Lolli

Lollipop Fingers

Late last year, right around the Christmas holidays, I went through a period where I was just klutziness personified.  In the span of about three weeks, I accidentally dyed my nails bright green, nearly throttled myself with a shapewear cami and – my favourite – gouged a great big chunk out of the inside of my cheek whilst making the “Pop!” sound in the 1950s Chordettes’ song, Lollipop.  Holy crap, you guys, was it PAINFUL! And completely preventable, had I remembered that my nails are now as sharp as a cat’s and I WILL wound myself, because that’s just what I do.  You’d never, ever know that I took about 20 years of dance and can be somewhat graceful (just apparently not around green nail polish, shapewear or novelty songs from the 1950s.)

Sweet Mani!

Sweet Nails

Okay, so I can see Mike and Ikes being a favourite – they’re fruity and gummy and sour/sweet in a pleasant, not-at-all-real kind of way.  But those little paper dot candies? Has anyone ever enjoyed those in the history of ever?  They’re mostly just very, very cute. Which is precisely the reason they’re now adorning my nails, alongside a smattering of Mike and Ikes.  Finger candy at Finger Candy. 😉

The Gingerbread Man

GB Hand

Hey, would you look at that, actual nail art!  I’ve been going all hot and heavy lately with the swatches; I had started to wonder if I could still actually put detail brush to nail.  Apparently I can!  Three cheers for me and my featureless gingerbread man, who apparently has no defining characteristics but for his gumdrop buttons, poor sod.

GB Fingers