Saturday Morning Cartoons


Never having been one for ultra sugary, rainbow-hued cereals, MY complete breakfasts – even ones accompanying Saturday morning cartoon-a-thons – have never included anything bearing the suffix -ebbles, -arms or ix.  I was totally that kid that willingly ate – and really enjoyed! – Grape Nuts and Fruit ‘N Fiber (miss you, Blueberry F’NF.)

But that hasn’t precluded me from scenting my home like those cereals.  Although…sense of scent and sense of taste being so closely linked, I’m not surprised that I’m really not all that fond of cereal scents.  To me, there’s an irritating note – literally; it kind of tickles my nose – that I presume is meant to mimic the sugary crunch of those high fructose cereals, and it’s not my absolute favourite.  But I received a number of cereal-scented wax chunks in some Rosegirls samplers I purchased this year, and even if they’re not my particular bag, they still smell pretty great.  Particularly when you tart ’em up a bit with the addition of some Mini Melters, for the ultimate in scent customization.

So what creations did I cobble together?  And did I actually overflow that one melter?  I did not, but hoo baby, it was close!


Top left: Fruity Pebbles blended with Strawberry Jam.  This one was pretty darn delicious, even before the addition of half of one of Rosegirls’ precious Strawberry Jam berries. It’s really just a whole lot of delicious citrus, with that tingly note well buried under layers of luscious lemon.

Top right: Strawberry Frankenberry, straight up.  Mr. Finger Candy, an actual Frankenberry-lover, asked me to leave this guy un-modded.  It was a pretty pleasant strawberry scent; quite true to the cereal in both scent and alarming pink hue.

Bottom left: Boo’s Spooky Castle blended with Berry Creme Brulee.  Boo’s Spooky Castle, a blend of Boo Berry, Vanilla Crunch Donuts and Monster Cookie (oh, I know with these names, right?) is a favourite of seemingly everyone but me.  I find it overwhelmingly cereal-y.  So I added a couple of Mini Melters in Berry Creme Brulee, a super strong, rich, warm, berry bubblegum kind of scent, and just about overflowed the melter.  But oh, it would have been a dee-licious-smelling calamity – the two went together really quite well, the butteriness of the berry brulee sweetly smothering the crunchy Boo (that was like some weird, Dada-esque poetry.)

Bottom right: Are You Cereal? blended with Raspberry Sauce.  I could pair Rosegirls’ sweet-tart Raspberry Sauce with just about anything.  And I often do, such as here alongside Are You Cereal?, a blend of lemony Froot Loops and Crunch Berries.  The wax pool here is so cool, and the Raspberry Sauce really punched up the mild lemon of the Loops.


Ha, Batman crouched protectively over the slice of Strawberry Frankenberry – seems he’s a fan!

But on that note, with regards to the header photo, MY childhood Saturday morning cartoon ritual never included The Simpsons, Hello Kitty OR any Arkham-oriented version of the Dark Knight, but kids these days, amirite?!  Also, I didn’t have my Care Bears figurines or big box o’ My Little Ponys immediately at hand, although they were definitely more my particular cartoon speed (and yet I, a woman of a certain age, DO have a can of Buzz Cola, a plush Hello Kitty and an Arkham Batman figurine right in my apartment, go figure.)

Lucky Charms

Lucky Charm Fingers

Sort of.  At least the all important marshmallow part.

Speaking of, you know you’re getting up there in age when everybody’s favourite Saturday morning cartoon fuel is riddled with shapes of marshmallows that you’ve never laid eyes on before.  Yellow hourglasses?  Red balloons?  Multi-coloured shooting stars?  I half expect a petrified turquoise marshmallow shaped like a cell phone to fall out of the box next.

I love these nails.  They’re so fun and vibrant.  One note, though – trying to nail art over top of deep, saturated colours (like electric jade, here China Glaze’s Four Leaf Clover) is an exercise in futility.  Whatever you layer over top of it will take on a vaguely green tinge, and you’ll find yourself going over and over the same details time and time again in an attempt to hold on to the vibrancy of the polishes.  Don’t do this.  The easiest approach is to rough-in the details first – here the marshmallows – in basic white, and then fill in the coloured details after the fact.  Well, I suppose the easiest approach is to stick to pastel base colours, but where’s the fun in that?  And for the love of all that’s holy, don’t forget the base coat – greens tend to stain like a beast.

Crunch Berries!

Crunch Berry Fingers

This sugary dotticure is part of YOUR complete breakfast!  Just not my complete breakfast, because I’ve actually never had a bowl of Cap’n Crunch before – too sweet.  I tend to like my cereal kind of…cardboardy? Grape Nuts, Just Right, Fruit ‘n Fibre (so many “‘ns” in cereal names, no?) Then again, I’m also a fan of bran muffins, so apparently there really is no accounting for taste.  But I don’t believe that Bran Bits make for attractive nail art, and so I’ll give the sugary stuff preferential treatment, just this once.

Crunch Berry Hand