I’m Not All Here (31DC2015)

CC Hand

Yay, look at me finally entering the last 10 days of inspired-by prompts in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge! And only six days off the pace, too. I’m pretty sure that’s as close as I’ve come to being in step with the daily themes since the beginning of the challenge (actually, I think the real challenge will be completing nine manicures by the end of September!)

Day 21’s theme was inspired by a colour. For this manicure, I drew inspiration from Enchanted Polish’s Dope Jam, an ultra vibrant, orchid-hued holo that looks exactly like the Cheshire Cat, particularly when paired with horizontal stripes in another gorgeous Enchanted lacquer, purple “mystery” holo August 2015. I then made at least some of the Cat appear on my thumb, or at least the important parts – those giant, unsettling yellow eyes and the creepy smile. Wouldn’t be the Cheshire Cat without ’em. 🙂

CC Collage

Also, how awesome do these holographic stripes look in the sun? I am powerless in the face of a good horizontal stripe, and these are pretty Dope (Jam.)

CC Sun Fingers

Alice in Glitterland (31DC2014)

Alice in GlitterlandIt’s glittery stripes all around for day 12’s theme of (brace yourself for the shock) stripes in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. Nearly halfway into the month I’m happy to say I’m continuing more or less apace with the daily prompts, and as tempting as it’s been to buckle on my self-imposed, all-Disney-manis-all-the-time rule, I’ve continued with that as well, churning out more Disney manicures than I thought possible (and this is coming from someone who has done, oh, 50 or more Disney-centric sets of nails?)

No Disney property utilizes stripes quite like Alice in Wonderland, and so I thought it fitting to create a mani featuring the stripes of two of the better known characters who live Through the Looking Glass, the Cheshire Cat and Alice herself. I had a lot of trouble with the stripes on my index finger, or more specifically, issues involving wonky striping tape and bleedy topcoat, which is why there’s approximately half an inch of nail polish on the tip of my index finger alone. But this is nail art AND Wonderland we’re talking about here, and does anything ever go as planned when you’re dealing with those two? 😉