Autumn Mums (31DC2016)

V Best Mums

All right, so there’s not a terrific load of orange in this manicure for day two’s theme of, uh, orange in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.  But I’m on a bit of a floral bender at the moment, and the cutest little orange flowers I could think of were Chrysanthemums, a flower Mr. Finger Candy and I had a virtual meadow of at our Halloween wedding.  Autumn Mums are just adorable, and not hideously expensive either – really the prettiest and most economical choice of flower for any Fall wedding, if you don’t care to splash out on major floral dollars.  Plus, at this time of year, available in front of any old grocery store or gas station!  You know, for those super on-the-fly weddings. 😉