Improved Soap Bubbles

Soap Bubbles 2.0 Side

I feel like Mr. Clean (Mrs. Clean?) coming at you with mad promises of 57% more scouring power per scrubbing bubble.  But actually, this manicure is an update of one I did a couple of weeks ago, this time subbing out the polishes I used from colour-changing multi-chromes (which were so cool, but terribly difficult to photograph) to a multitude of frost-type shimmers.  Both polishes capture the gorgeous iridescent quality of actual soap bubbles, although I think I prefer this look – in real life AND photography, it still looks pretty cool.  Can’t ask for much more from a mani than that. 😉

Soap Bubbles 2.0

Soap Bubbles

Bubbles Fingers 2

In case you were wondering what kind of nail art I’ve planned to do with all of the new Polish Me Silly multi-chromes I’ve recently acquired, here’s the first idea that came to mind – soap bubbles! The colour-shiftiness of the polishes – here Obsession, Paradise and Dreamer – make for the most perfect iridescent bubbles, to which I added a tiny little hit of holographic sparkle (Enchanted Polish’s Rainbow Juice (With Pulp)) along the outer edges of the bubbles.

This manicure is SO pretty in really real life, but it’s doing that thing where it’s not so pretty in photographs. That’s usually how I know I’ve hit on something good – if my mani’s being a difficult twit, it’s solid gold. 😉

Soap Bubbles Fingers 1