Cat Fur Conversation HeartThat would be Sealed With a Candy Kiss, and just in time for Valentine’s Day, too! I’ve been hoarding these conversation heart nail strips from Incoco in anticipation of this Valentine’s Day, and now that they’re adorning my fingernails, I’m delighted, both because the printed design is so, so cute (and how about that lovely pearlescent shimmer?) but also because I kind of wasn’t expecting them to still be functional. These strips are well over a year old, and as the nail polish urban legend goes, nail appliques left unattended will most assuredly shrivel into tiny, dried-up wads of noxious chemicals, too bad, so sad. But these nail strips, safely ensconced in their sealed pack, fared perfectly well in my super casual storage setup for 365 days and then some, so great on Incoco for promising and delivering on a really beautiful, and beautifully made, product.

This particular conversation heart print is unfortunately no longer available (don’t know why they didn’t keep it around, because it’s adorable!) but Incoco has hundreds of other beautiful designs and lacquer colours appropriate for V-Day and beyond, for fingertips and tootsies. You can find their products, made from real nail polish, here. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends – kiss kiss!

And as a small note, I’d just like to thank my cats for their sweet V-Day contributions of a cat fur in every. single. photo I took of this manicure. I’d brush them off and they’d reappear on another finger. So thank you, girls – it wouldn’t be a Finger Candy manicure without your furs making it into the shot. 🙂Conversation Heart Fingers

Conversation Hearts

Conversation Hearts

Call it a silent conversation, as owing to space on my nails, or a lack thereof, these hearts don’t actually appear to have much to say for themselves!

Conversation hearts fall into the same category as candy corn for me: excellent design inspiration, nasty, chalky waste of chewing. But so pretty! And my entry for Nail Polish Canada’s Valentine’s Day Nail Art Challenge. So if you Luv Me and my Hot Stuff submission, please do be an Angel and stop by, My Love, and Sweet Talk the folks at NPC with your vote for my wee little hearts. Thank you in advance!