Little Cakes on the Prairie (OMD3)

Prairie Cakes Hand

The Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge took a turn for the literary on day 13 with the theme of books. Seeing as my favourite book, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, is wholly unsuitable as the basis for any kind of nail art (like, I can’t even imagine!) and having wanted to do some sweets-themed nail art for ages now, I decided to combine the two and drew inspiration from a favourite childhood novel, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie, in particular a wonderful passage depicting little Laura Ingalls’ first Christmas in Kansas in the late 1800s. I adored this book as a child (once faked the severity of a legitimate illness so I could stay home two extra days and read the other books in the series!) and I LOVED the chapter entitled “Mr. Edwards Meets Santa Claus” in which Laura and her sister are treated to a magical Christmas by a kindhearted neighbour. The girls receive a number of charming, big-deal gifts for the time – a tin cup! a penny! – but my favourite were the little heart-shaped tea cakes dusted with sparkling white sugar.

I may have gone a bit overboard with the depiction of these particular sweets, however, because molasses, jam filling and refined white sugar anything, as I’ve shown here, were not yet common foodstuffs; super special ingredients for super special occasions only, as they were pricey and difficult to come by. But oh, those sparkling little cakes!

As a bit of an aside, I think it’s interesting how (as a child and now) I totally glossed over the many dangerous hardships that made up daily living at the time and focused entirely on the baked goods. Because what’s disease, exposure and nasty run-ins with the locals when you’ve got cake, amirite?

Prairie Cakes Fingers

Cookie Party!

Cookie PartyLooks like that binge eating scamp Cookie Monster got to my first polish from Whimsical Ideas by Pam, the chip-a-licious Just Add Milk, before I could. Bad form, Mr. Monster! But pretty understandable given that this polish is ADORABLE! Just Add Milk is my first Whimsie, to those in the know, and it’s fabulous, just a simple mix of brown holographic glitter in a caramel-coloured jelly base. There’s not a whole lot to it, but on the nail it’s all chocolate chip cookie, and it positively calls out for a cold and creamy glass of 1%.

For this munched-upon mani I layered one coat of Just Add Milk over one coat of an opaque, nude creme before adding the little black bite marks and the accent nail of Cookie Monster himself. I initially tried it with nothing but Just Add Milk, but the density of the glitter – not overwhelming or drying, but definitely plentiful – meant that my mani was sporting a most uneven ratio of “chips” to “batter,” obscuring all that gorgeous tan jelly and diluting the overall cookie effect. Much yummier this way. COOOOO-KIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!Just Add Milk

Oh, Cookie, Cookie, Cookie!

Oh, Cookie, Cookie, Cookie!

My husband has been nattering at me – sweetly, but persistently – for days to make my super awesome, sweet and salty chocolate chip cookies. I finally gave in today, only to discover that the brown sugar had solidified into a crystalline log. Once I got that sorted out (through the power of the almighty Brown Sugar Bear) I got lax with the vanilla and added, oh, about 20 times more than I had intended. Then I discovered that the only chocolate chips I had in the house were of the milk chocolate variety, which, I mean, it’s still chocolate, but also yuck? Finally, I decided tonight would be the perfect opportunity to try out the convection feature on my new-ish oven, and owing to some combination of wonky brown sugar, excessive vanilla and not knowing a damn thing about the convection feature on my new-ish oven, the cookies browned nearly to the point of burning. And yes, I get that these are all trivial matters, as there’s still cookies to be had, but that seems like an excessive amount of screwing up for one recipe, no? I’ve actually been told that I’m good at making them, too, which makes this whole wicked scene that much more aggravating.

Less aggravating and easier to accomplish? These nails, which came together so much better than the actual cookies that inspired them. And all of it overseen by the Grand Master of Cookies himself, Cookie Monster!

Edit: My husband just ate one, nodded and said, “Good!” But this is a man that eats peanut butter on veggie burgers, so let’s not listen to him on any matters pertaining to food or taste buds, okay?