Zombie Cakes

Zombie Cakes 1

Here’s a terrible joke for you – what do zombies use to bake their cupcakes?  A brain pan.  Wah-waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. 🙂

Zombies were the name of the game for the fourth prompt in the nail art challenge I’m participating in on Instagram.  I wasn’t in the mood for your more traditional blood ‘n’ guts design, choosing instead to go with this cutie pie cupcake manicure, which even features two of my favourite zombie-themed polishes, Girly Bits Cosmetics’ Dead Man’s Toe and Dollish Polish’s Look at the Flowers, Lizzie.  Can’t go wrong with brain cakes drizzled in sanguine coulis and snot green frosting, can you?

Zombie Cakes Collage


6th Blogiversary Cupcakes

Blogiversary Cupcakes 1

Yo, check it – Finger Candy is six years old today!  That, according to my site analytics, translates to 70,000 views of 1,634 POSTS (wow, really?) across 37,000 visitors.  Which is actually nothing terribly impressive, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either.  I wish I had a count on the total number of words; now, THAT would be impressive, ’cause I be wordy.  Not bad for the little blog that just sort of sprang up out of nothing.  Good on you, Finger Candy, I’m proud of you.  And proud of me, too.

And while we’re at it, proud of you as well, dear reader or occasional dropper-byer!  You’re fun, thoughtful, witty folks, and it’s been a blast getting to know you through this platform.  You’re the audience I always have in mind when I come up with a new idea and think to myself, “Is anyone even going to know what this is?”  Because the answer nearly always is, “Aw yeah, X will TOTALLY know what this is!”  Which really makes it all the sweeter.  So thank you, as always, for being a good neighbour.  I endeavor to continue respecting my side of our shared (Internet) fence to promote harmony in the blogisphood. 😉  To the next six!

Blogiversary Cupcakes 2

Cupcakes by the Ocean

Cupcakes by the Ocean 1

Well, that’s a terrible pun based off a not-so-great song (Cake by the Ocean by DNCE) that was nonetheless a total ear worm, which is how I wound up doing these nails yesterday when I was in a funky bad mood and could think of nothing better to cheer myself up than some nail art and a bit of bad punnage.  So mission accomplished?  Because I’m feeling much better today, and these nails are pretty funny, and maybe even just plain old pretty. 🙂

Cupcakes by the Ocean 2

Frighteningly Delicious!


Well, it’s just downright spooky how well these adorable Halloween cupcake nails turned out!  This manicure also marks the third time this week I’ve done nails featuring a cute little critter with creepy eyes…or AN eye, singular.  Yummy!

Glitter Cakes

Cupcake Bottle

Or cake, singular, of the cup-type variety, which is actually a quite large, crystal-studded nail charm from Daily Charme. Nail charms are one of those embellishments I have a hard time getting behind, and not just because even at their tiniest, they’re still rather obtrusive. No, my issues stem from the fact that they’re very “one look”; unless you have mile-long talons that can accommodate a jewelry box worth of studs, charms and crystals, the best you can do is to simply lay the charm on your nail, the end. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And so knowing that, I thought I’d highlight this adorable, but simple, cupcake charm by laying it atop another product I often struggle to find multiple uses for, mega glitter bomb crelly (ugh) and jelly polishes (here KB Shimmer’s Sweet Egg-scape.) I absolutely adore these kind of polishes (they always either look like jam or sprinkled frosting to me) but their utility is limited, particularly those featuring some of your more unique colour combinations. So it was great fun to find a polish that plays off so nicely against the cupcake charm, with Sweet Egg-scape’s pink, silver, red, turquoise and periwinkle glitter picking up the tiny iridescent flashes of the charm’s crystals. Sweet and charming.

Cupcake Fingers