Bowverkill: The Reckoning

Sunday Sweets 1

Last year I titled a post, featuring a bow-centric manicure, Bowverkill!, thinking I had achieved maximum bowage per nail.  Turns out there’s always more room for bows, as this manicure certainly bears out.  Here I used a sweet, summery polish from Delush, 50 Shades of Yay, topped with OPI’s matte topcoat for a frosted, almost candied sort of look.  Plus bows!  So many little bows. 🙂

Sunday Sweets 2

50 Shades of Nay

Bubble Yum Collage.jpg

So the weather has returned to its previous state of icy terribleness and I needed some pretty nails to remind me that one day this will all end.  I mean, not ALL of it in that sense – too bleak!  Just the weather.  The crap weather can totally end, right now.  Bring on the spring.  Until then, nail polish that looks like bubblegum ice cream, Delush Polish’s 50 Shades of Yay.  Or just bubblegum straight up trapped in ice.  Hey, welcome to the club, bubblegum – we’ve got (warm) jackets.

Bubble Yum 1

Being of a slightly superstitious mindset, I believe that Mr. Finger Candy and I may have inadvertently cursed us all to this extended bout of wintertime crappiness – we were JUST remarking the other day (a bit smugly, I might add) that the handful of days we spent down in balmy Florida over the Christmas holidays seemed to make all the difference in our tolerance of the rest of the winter.  The whole snowbird thing has been making a lot of sense lately.

Crap Weather

But then winter had to come roaring back for a completely unappreciated second act, and it’s definitely not all our fault, but maybe we jinxed ourselves a little?  Can’t ever get too cocky about the weather when you’re a Canadian.  Or a climate change denier.  And good heavens, what if you’re BOTH?!  No amount of pretty nail polish in the world is gonna fix that.  Anyhow, hunker down, friends, this too shall end.

Clown Pants

50 Shades Bottle

This polish reminds me of the polka dotted prints you see on clown pants. That’s all I see – clown pants. Which is funny, because when exactly is the last time I laid eyes on a clown?  Half past never?  I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a circus.  Certainly not one that wasn’t of my own making, that is. 😉

This super fun lacquer’s name is actually 50 Shades of Yay, and it’s from a new-to-me polish maker, Delush Polish.  50 Shades is actually quite similar to another polish I already own, Different Dimension’s Why Am I Such a Misfit?  Both are sheer white crellies (I will never not hate that word) stuffed with an assortment of colourful, bauble-like glitter.  50 Shades’ glitter mix is an especially pretty one, all pinks and purples and giant turquoise circles – aside from the clown pants, this polish also really reminds me of frosted animal crackers.

Unlike Misfit, however, 50 Shades’ formula is rock solid.  Mega glitter polishes, particularly those with a pale, sheer base, often require multiple, multiple coats to reach full opacity, and with all that glitter mucking up the works, things can get lumpy awfully quickly.  50 Shades of Yay does not suffer from this problem, applying smoothly in just four coats, and I never had to fish for that much-coveted large circle glitter – in fact, on my final coat, I had to flick a number of them off the brush, lest things take an immediate detour into Lumpytown.  All in all, I was super impressed with what should have been a hella temperamental polish.  I’ll absolutely be checking out their other offerings – glittery, all – which are available at Harlow & Co.

50 Shades Fingers