One Choice Bottle

That’s how I refer to the Divergent series of movies, the third installment of which, Allegiant, opens next weekend.  I am not a fan (the young adult dystopian thing interests me not one bit) but my husband entertained a brief flirtation with the first flick.  It was fine. They’re all fine.  Bland and fine.  Someone will love them; that someone just won’t be me.

Last year, in a nod to my husband’s for-a-time obsession, I purchased this Divergent-inspired lacquer, Dollish Polish’s One Choice.  I thought with the latest movie hitting theatres, One might want to make the Choice to pick up this really lovely polish, which is still available online.  Also, the last time I swatched One Choice, I had just sustained a rather nasty nail break to my ring finger, in addition to an inch-long, carpet tack-induced gash to my index finger.  Needless to say, my longer nails and tidier hands now make for a better swatching base.

Released as part of Dollish’s Ultimate Fandom (Part Deux) Collection, One Choice is a sheer white polish sprinkled with blue, red, yellow and black glitter.  Each colour represents a different faction within the Divergent universe, if that matters to you. But what matters to me is that this polish is super cute!  Cute, and it applies (and dries) nicely. I’ve regrettably had some trouble with Dollish’s glitters in the past, but One Choice thankfully remains immune, applying smoothly in three glossy coats.  A very good Choice.

One Choice Fingers

One Choice

One Choice BottleI bought this polish, Dollish Polish’s One Choice from their Ultimate Fandom Collection, because yes, it’s cute and its glitter mix of primary-coloured hexy bits is something a little bit different, but mostly because – sorry, sweetie, but I’m about to out you – Mr. Finger Candy is a giant nerd for dystopian teen romance action movies such as the inspiration for this polish, last year’s Divergent. I thought he’d enjoy the nod to his favourite movie of the summer of 2014.

He also likes dance movies.

And I love that I’m still sporting that badass-looking cut on my index finger for this mani. It really fits in with the whole “I sustained this whilst leaping from a moving train onto the roof of a building before rappelling into an impromptu rave/fight club in a leather jumpsuit” vibe of the movie (I wish I could say the same for the broken nail on my ring finger, but that just straight up broke on me this week – twice.) Actually, I think the five different colours of glitter – red, blue, gold, silver and black – represent the five factions of the Divergent world. I actually can’t remember, because, unlike my beloved, I thought it was just sort of okay; nothing I really ever need to see again. But I’ll definitely wear this polish again, because it’s super pretty – a unique choice for a time of year typically swamped with pinks and pastels, and just in time for the release of the second movie in the series, Detergent. Sorry, I mean Insurgent.One Choice Hand