Disney Girl Challenge: Dory (One More Time)

Dory Hand

So Finding Dory is going to make allllllll the movie money this weekend, yes?  Not bad for an animated Blue Tang with short-term memory loss.  And so in honour of the little blue fish that could, I thought I’d update an earlier Dory design of mine that I always felt was not quite up to snuff.  Besides, in that last manicure, she didn’t even have a face!  I didn’t do faces with my Disney designs back then, mostly because I’m sort of terrible at recreating animated figures.  I’m not sure *this* face is all that better, because as it turns out, drawing an animated fish face dead-on is actually pretty difficult!  But I do love Dory’s fins and the markings I painted on my other digits, mostly because cobalt, yellow and black together are just spectacular.  Quite the fetching fish, that Dory.

Dory Fingers

Disney Girl Challenge: Dory

Disney Girl Challenge: Dory

Here’s another set of Disney-themed nails, this time a vivid manicure inspired by everybody’s favourite Royal Blue Tang with short-term memory loss, Dory. Confession? I didn’t love Finding Nemo the first time I saw it. Maybe that had something to do with the super disturbing opening sequence in which Marlin the Clown Fish loses his entire family, but for little stubby-finned Nemo (a scene I have never not skipped over in subsequent viewings), but on the whole, it just didn’t wow me. Since then, of course, I’ve seen it approximately 997 million times, and I chalk up my renewed interest in Nemo not just to my awesome TV, which makes all animated movies look phenomenal, but to the adorable and charming story, most of which is driven by sweet and scattered Dory. She just has such a good heart, and Ellen DeGeneres imbues the character with so much warmth and charm, you sort of forget how awful it really would be to navigate the wild blue underwater yonder with her as your guide.

I’ll take a quick moment to point out my favourite part of this manicure, which is the little pink jellyfish – Squishy! – Dory attempts to snuggle with bobbing along on my thumb. Tip for next time, Dory: Never snuggle with anyone or anything that can electrocute you. That’s just common sense.