Gold Dots and Gradients

Vintage Dots

I love these (holographic) polishes together, Cirque’s coppery-peach Luminous Owl and Enchanted Polish’s dark purple Dream On – it’s a dusky, sophisticated palette for fall that nicely bridges that odd little beauty gap between the start of autumn and Halloween (when, as you know, everything defaults to monsters, zombies, dripping blood, green, purple, orange, repeat.) And because I also find that these sorts of heathered-and-weathered hues give off a sort of vintage vibe, and because I can never leave well enough alone, I decided to top this gradient with burnished gold dots (L’Oreal’s Because You’re Worth It) for a buttoned up, Victorian kind of look. Simple, and something a little bit different in the midst of all these seasonally samey looks.

Blame Canada!

Dream On Bottle 1For your inability to get this stunning lacquer, Enchanted Polish’s holographic Dream On, anywhere but Canada, as it’s a Nail Polish Canada exclusive. I was initially sort of on the fence about this purchase, which – confession time – I mostly made because it’s a limited edition, exclusive polish. Which is really sort of lame, for all the obvious reasons, but also because I’ve already got a purple holo – an Enchanted purple holo, no less! – in my stash and didn’t really see the need for a second. But me of little faith, I really need to stop doubting Enchanted’s flawless products (I suppose one flaw might be their higher-than-average price point, but for rock solid quality in a polish this gorgeous, I’m okay with that) because they are truly flawless, and Dream On is no exception.

Okay, so in this particular instance I might be a bit confused by the name and colour of this polish – Dream On, and a heathered, dusty purple – as neither exactly screams “Canada!” to me. Unless it’s “Dream On, ya hoser, if you thought this polish was going to be called Beaver Brown or Timmy’s Red. Don’t stereotype, eh?” Which is always a lesson worth reinforcing, even if you’re only talking about nail polish.

Ding dang, y’all:Dream On Collage

And not too shabby in the shade either:Dream On Fingers