Unicorn Dreams

Unicorn Schvitz Collage

To paraphrase Ed Helms’ little tiger-centric ditty in The Hangover, what do unicorns dream of, when they take their little unicorn snooze?  Do they dream of impaling idiots in expensive Etsy unicorn headbands, or even bigger idiots at Coachella in some holographic catsuits?

Okay, so I think the whole unicorn thing is a little played out.  I particularly dislike any of the numerous indie bath and beauty products named after any bodily function or fluid of a unicorn.  Seriously, that’s so gross, stop giving your products such off-putting names.

Still, slight diatribe aside, it’s the best descriptor I have for this polish, Liquid Sky Lacquer’s Dream – unicorn-y.  Just look at that rainbow flare!  And the tiny blue flakes and the micro shimmer, and the almost neon-looking holographic effect, too.

I love this polish so much, and I just had to dig it out of “Why don’t I wear this more often?” storage yesterday to take advantage of the dazzlingly bright sun and clear blue skies.  Because this was the weather we were experiencing here about a day and a half ago – total whiteout.  You know, just your standard, bitchingly lame springtime blizzard.  As you do.

And then today’s afternoon forecast is calling for more of the snowy same, only hopefully this time ever so slightly less fierce and roof-rippingly intense.  So good thing I got all these rainbow unicorn sparkles in while I could. 🙂

Unicorn Schvitz Bottle 2

I’m Walking Into Spiderwebs

spiderwebs sun

Holographic spiderwebs, no less.

This is not the first time I have attempted a spiderweb design, although this is absolutely the best it has ever turned out. Like stars and leaves and anything vaguely “real,” depictions of spiderwebs do not seem to be in my wheelhouse, which is a shame, because my actual house (well, apartment building in which I own a condo) is positively covered in them. Covered in the spiders that made those webs, too – something about the grooved stone cladding on the outside of my building makes for some very desirable arachnid accommodations. I apologize if you’re spider-phobic and feeling uncomfortable with this discussion. You’re going to like it even less when I note that these spiders are like extras from the Lord of the Rings crossed with Harry Potter.

So webs aplenty, and now they’re on my nails as well, in shimmering silver (Liquid Sky Lacquer’s Dream) on a bed of multichromatic blue (Enchanted Polish’s Across the Universe.)

Spiderwebs shade

Dream a Little Dream

Dream BottleSometimes you don’t need to say much about a nail polish, because its extra lovely qualities speak plainly for themselves. This polish, the exquisitely beautiful holographic Dream from Liquid Sky Lacquer, a completely new-to-me indie manufacturer, is just such a polish. And I’m an extra lucky girl, because I received this stunner from an Internet friend as a gift really “just because” – her generosity (and excellent taste!) make it that much lovelier. 🙂

Gahhhhh, look at that holo! Wuh oh, I’m doing that thing again where I’m mesmerized by my nails; I once referred to it as “acting like Nailcissus” (the oft-forgotten god of nail lacquer.) But Dream is just so phenomenally pretty, and I can’t get enough of its gorgeous, blue-tinged silver holo speckled with tiny metallic blue flakies.Dream Sun Collage

Dream is not just another pretty face, though; the consistency of this polish is wonderful, thin and easily controllable, but fully opaque in two light coats. Wear-wise, Dream definitely lives up to its name, surviving the painting of four mirror frames, one half wall and four shelves, and a two hour, chemical-laden deep clean of the bathroom without a chip, smudge or snag. Fantastic!

Fret not if you don’t have a thoughtful friend through which to get your Liquid Sky fix, however – Carolyn, the proprietess of Liquid Sky Lacquer, sells her wares both through her site (closed at the moment, but due to reopen on May 31st) and Harlow & Co.Dream No Label Bottle