The Hare and Now

Easter Basket HandWell, I’d say it’s a good thing I’m darn near comatose after my mother’s gargantuan Easter dinner, because I’ve run out of lame Easter puns. I’m feeling like one blah bunny (nope, wait, looks like I had one final one in reserve!)

This is the manicure I wore to dinner this evening, Incoco’s Easter Basket nail appliques. This is maybe the fifth or sixth manicure I’ve done using Incoco’s fabulous peel-and-stick nail strips, and like all the others, it took next to no time and yielded terrific results. I also feel like I’m really beginning to get the hang of application, an ultra easy affair (buff, stick, pat down and file off) I’ve tweaked for maximum efficiency and wearability. Plus, how cute is this (upside down) bunny-and-chevron design? There were also a few fingers’ worth of a pastel polka dot design in the pack, but the bunnies won by a hare (*mic drop*).