Easter Weekend

Easter Header Photo

Loveliest of Easter weekends to you, friends.  Being not so religious, as well as hailing from the kind of small, WASP-y family that does things like vacations in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, my Easter weekends typically involve travel and a whole lot of outlet shopping.  Or they did when I was a kid; my mom and dad and I – “us is the flamily” – passing horse-drawn Amish buggies on the road, catching fireflies in the parking lot of the motel, buying ultra preppy oxblood penny loafers at the Bass outlet and scarfing endless plates of incredible fried chicken at the restaurant where the waitress didn’t even blink when I said I wanted mashed potatoes and gravy as all FOUR of my sides. Those were really great vacations. 🙂

But this Easter weekend I’m home, simply enjoying a few days off from what has so far been a rather busy April.  Quite a few social events and a new-ish exercise regimen that keeps me hoppin’ like a bunny.

Speaking of, here are a few items guaranteed to put a spring – and THE Spring – into the Easter Bunny’s bounce.  Remarkably, these are all things I pulled from around my apartment.  I didn’t have to go rummaging in seasonal storage for anything.  So when I was joking a month or so ago that it’s always Easter in my apartment, I guess I really wasn’t joking?!

My favourite speckled egg wreath makes another appearance here, alongside, on the left, some very cute little cracked egg votive candles, a neat stack of Peeps-scented wax tarts from Yankee Candle, an actual Peeps-shaped wax tart from The Bathing Garden in Keep Your Temper, and KB Shimmer’s Where My Peeps At, which is pure Easter in a bottle.

Easter Photo Left Side

Then over on the right we have a gigantic, three-part Chick ‘N’ Mix bath bomb from Lush (there’s a cute little bicarbonate bunny inside the huge chick), a speckled wax robin’s egg from The Bathing Garden in Blackberry Fudge, a clutch of pastel Reflections markers, a wee little ceramic cupcake perfect for hiding tiny treasures, another Peeps-shaped wax tart from The Bathing Garden in Looking Glass, two frosted sugar cookies from London, Ontario bakery A Couple of Squares and a large glass jar filled with a half dozen hand-painted cardboard eggs.  Hoppy Easter!

Easter Photo Right Side

Breakfast for Dinner (31DC2015)


Does anyone remember the ads for sugar bomb cereals like Fruity Pebbles and Count Chocula that used to run during Saturday morning cartoons in the ’80s? The ones where an announcer all hopped up on Red Dye No. 6 and Frankenberry dust would bellow that your bowl of crunchy neon glucose was “part of your balanced breakfast”? And then they’d show these crazy feasts that included bacon, eggs, toast, fruit salad, milk, juice and, yes, your bowl of mouth-shredding Cap’n Crunch, with the insinuation that you eat this way every morning? I have never once in my life had a breakfast like that! I’ve come awfully close at a couple of my mother’s Christmas buffets, but in terms of a sit-down, “I eat a short stack every day before school/work!” – no, never. Hmm, could we be overcompensating for something here, Big Cereal?

These nails that break the fast have a bowl of something sugar smacky on my thumb, but otherwise, it’s quite a respectable spread. This manicure is actually my entry towards day five’s theme of blue in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge on account of the polish I used as the background, OPI’s No Room for the Blues. I use No Room ALL the time, at least a couple of times a week, because it is a perfect, neutral sky blue, and applies flawlessly. The breakfast goodies are tasty-looking, but sort of incidental!

Cadbury Creme Eggs

Cadbury Creme Eggs

Is there anything grosser than a Cadbury Crème Egg? I used to get one every spring as a kid until I finally figured out I do not in fact like two kinds of liquid fondant icing encased in a chocolatey shell. I suppose much like candy corn and fresh marshmallows, it’s one of those foods I like better in idea than actual practice.

Still, I’m not sure how much those little eggs look like Cadbury Crème Eggs, bane of any springtime convenience store counter. I should have gone with a slightly lighter shade of brown for the chocolate shell – as it is, them’s eggs look POISONOUS, and not just in the usual diabetic coma-type way.

Devilled Eggs

Devilled Eggs

These nails, my submission for the first week of the February N.A.I.L. Challenge, are very much “what you see is what you get” (cartoon devilled eggs with Christian Slater’s eyebrows over top of my favourite red, Picture Polish’s O’Hara, of course.) But in case you were curious as to how I got to evil 1950s hors d’oeuvres when the challenge theme was “Red,” here’s a peek into my decision-making process:

“Eggs wearing suits would be funny. Ohmigod, RED suits! Devil suits! Devilled eggs! With Christian Slater’s eyebrows!” And scene. See, it’s really just as easy as that! 😉

All joking aside, my devilish eggs here would not look half as charming (and furious) were it not for the beautiful and thematically appropriate background they’re resting upon, O’Hara, a stunningly gorgeous, juicy red polish from Picture Polish that’s hands (and nails) down one of my top five favourite polishes.

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey!

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey!

When I was a kid, my parents were hard pressed to get me to eat an egg au naturel. I’d eat eggs in things, of course, and eggy things like quiches and custards were no problem, but to get me to actually ingest a fried egg, scrambled eggs, a poached egg? NO FRIGGIN’ WAY.

So imagine my parents’ surprise when, on a family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard when I was about five, I suddenly flung myself into the street and declared that I wasn’t moving another foot until I GOT BACON AND EGGS!!!

It’s a family legend that we all have a good laugh about now, but reflecting on this incident as a supposed adult, I’m horrified. Like, can you imagine seeing this play out nowadays? Two options:

1. Everyone looks at you with stern pity and then calls child protective services the second your back is turned.

2. They call child protective services while you’re standing there.

Oh, my poor parents! So in honour of the bacon and eggs that I apparently needed so very, very badly – badly enough to lay down in the street over! – here is a bit of nail art inspired by that classic breakfast duo.

And I’m really so very sorry, Mom and Dad. On the plus side, I now find breakfast really quite delightful. Maybe not lie-down-in-the-street delightful, but pretty darned good. 🙂