My Pretty Purple

April 2017 Collage

Afternoon, friends!  Tiny word of warning regarding this post: It’s coming at you primarily under the power of lotsandlots of cold meds.  Toooooo many cold meds!  I’ve been terribly sick since the end of last week, and yesterday, after reaching my breaking point with the headaches, the fever and the nausea, I reached for just a few too many medications instead, and promptly fell into a David Lynchian, *mostly* unaccounted-for 24 hours (best summed up by the shipping confirmation I received from Sephora this morning for an order I do not remember placing last night!)  I will attempt to keep this as linear as possible!

This lovely purple lacquer is Enchanted Polish’s mystery pick for April 2017.  It’s very pretty – can’t go wrong with an Enchanted holo; they always do ’em up right – but probably nothing I’d seek out of my own volition. All the same, I will use the heck out of this polish – there’s always room for a pale purple in my nail art endeavors, and this one is just lovely, in the sun, of course, but also in the shade, where you can see just the tiniest touch of rose shimmer streaked throughout the bottle.  Very pretty.

March 2017 Bottle

So Bluetiful!

So Bluetiful Bottle

All right, NOW we’re cooking with gas on this mystery polish business!  This lovely speckled specimen is Enchanted Polish’s mystery lacquer for the month of March, and it is stupendous – the kind of polish I was hoping my last turn at the mystery hokey pokey was going to turn up, but regrettably never produced.

So Bluetiful Fingers

Glittery jellies are my nail polish kryptonite, and March 2017, with its navy blue-leaning black glitter, purple, colour-shifting shimmer and fine sprinkling of holographic glitter, is one for the Top 3 list, absolutely.  What a stunner!  I think it looks like a very vibrant robin’s egg.  It’s also quite beautiful way, way up close and personal (shame about that little bubble, perfectly outlined though it may be – with thanks to my new husband-procured Olloclip macro lens, which could pick out a dust mite on a flea on a dog, I swear.  Or, you know, something less gross and buggy!)

So Bluetiful Macro

Plum Rain: A Mini Lush Review

Plum Rain Collage

With a matchy matchy mani.  But first the suds!  Which would be Lush’s delicious new shower gel, Plum Rain.

I’ve griped on this blog multiple times about the discord I think there is between Lush’s scent descriptions and the actual fragrances themselves.  Nine times out of 10 everything comes out smelling like powdery orange “drink.”  Or a musty floral I uncharitably describe as “granny’s unmentionables drawer.”

Plum Rain blessedly succumbs to neither issue, smelling precisely like its blend of vibrantly-scented ingredients – tart, juicy plums and a zesty, lime-leaning mandarin. Fans of Lush’s Layer Cake soap – I very much was one – will love Plum Rain; they smell quite similar, like cold, clear, freshly-squeezed glasses of juice.

Being a clear shower gel as opposed to one of Lush’s more colour-saturated shower creams, Plum Rain also doesn’t fall prey to the very real problem of staining the crap out of your tub and/or shower and/or skin, despite its deep and dark indigo hue.  It also made my hide feel a little more scrubbed-down than when I use a shower cream, a sensation I actually prefer – all evidence to the contrary, I’m not much of a product person, and I dislike the feeling of slippery, overly-moisturized skin.

Plum Rain Bottle

Ah, but that colour!  Great enough to mimic in this manicure featuring one of Enchanted Polish’s mystery lacquers from January 2015, which is the exact shade of Plum Rain (glittery bits excepted – none of those in here, you glitterphobes.)


Plum Rain is available online and in Lush shops right now.  This 100 ml bottle, which will last me the better part of the year (told you I’m not much of a product person!) retails for $10.95 Canadian.

Game Over

Game Over Fingers

Back when I started all this nail art business, the joke among my people was that the day I showed up with skulls and dangly unicorn pendants hanging from my fingertips was the day they could all ship me off to the funny farm for tacky nail artists.

Well, I’m pleased to say, friends, that that day has finally arrived!  Truly, this manicure is just a dollar sign and a marijuana leaf away from total perfection.  Okay, okay, so the unicorn isn’t dangling, but my shorter-than-most nails simply don’t allow for – yikes, this term always gives me the willies – nail piercing.  But nail charms – especially super tacky ones gifted to me by my husband as a kind of inside joke – are most certainly allowed, even ones that span my entire nail and then some.

I particularly like that I’ve paired this hideous-looking skull and its misshapen unicorn buddy with one of the most high end polishes in my collection, Enchanted Polish’s gold-flecked Christmas in July.  Life’s full of contrasts, my friends.

The Dark Side and the Light Side

Main Enchanted Mystery Photo

Yesterday I was banging on about a bath bomb that looked like the Death Star and today I’m equating my nail polish shades with the moral relativism of a Jedi – looks like somebody’s got Star Wars on the brain.  Which is sort of interesting, as I’ve actually never done a Star Wars manicure.  Can’t be that big a fan, I suppose (I’m not; I pretty much like The Force Awakens and that’s it!)

But I always like nail polish, and I really like these two Enchanted Polish lacquers, picks both from Enchanted’s collection of 2017 mystery polishes.  Longtime readers may remember that I purchased all of 2015’s mystery polishes, although they may also recall that I wasn’t terrifically impressed with any of the choices.  As such, I sat out 2016.  But when Enchanted announced that 2017’s run of mystery polishes was going to harken back to their earliest best sellers, polishes that I initially missed out on because nail art wasn’t yet a thing in my life, I thought I’d jump back into the fray and hope for the best.

The first two polishes of the year, January and February, already give me great hope that this collection will be filled with unique offerings.  I have my fingers crossed about five times over for a polish inspired by Shrimp Cocktail, a shimmery, coral-hued jelly that is MY holy grail of nail polishes, but I’ll be satisfied if they’re all as lovely as January and February.  Let’s take a closer look at both. 🙂

January 2017 Collage

Representing the Dark Side (or just, you know, the dark side) is January 2017, a black scattered holo brimming with indigo, purple and lime green shimmer.  January 2017 is one of those polishes that regrettably photographs quite poorly.  Glittery black polishes tend to do that, their riot of rainbow colours getting somewhat lost in the gloom.  January ’17 is no exception, particularly in the shade.  But out in the sun or beneath any other direct light source, this polish is an absolute stunner, tossing off mad rainbows with every flick of your fingertips.  Gorgeous in two easy coats.

January 2017 Bottle Shot

February 2017 Collage

Then looking on the lighter side of life, we have the very ethereal-looking February 2017. This polish is a bit of an odd duck – I initially thought it was a very sheer topper.  But February 2017 is actually a full coverage polish, beautifully opaque in two coats, and reminiscent of standing in a cloudy haze.  By which I mean an actual cloudy haze, not a drug-induced one – like when I quite triumphantly stood on a mountaintop in Stowe, Vermont as a teenager, the clouds gently curling my hair into damp tendrils, and looked down on the majesty of creation and thought…”WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING UP HERE?! IT’S A FRIGGIN’ THREE HOUR HIKE BACK DOWN THIS OVERGROWN HILL!”  Never been much for nature, this one.

But this polish is so lovely, this time a silver linear holo infused with a rich streak of greeny-purple shimmer. It’s a sort of queasy-looking colour combination, and one I like very much, particularly in the shade.

February 2017 Collage Shade

These two polishes are unfortunately no longer available.  For the mystery polishes, Enchanted operates on a pre-order basis, and I purchased both of these (at a cost of $16 US a bottle) earlier in January.  But the rest of the year is still up on deck, and if these two beauties are any indication, we’re all in for some lovely treats.  You can get yours by signing up for Enchanted’s newsletter, which will fill you in on any upcoming pre-orders and releases.

Electric Pee!


At the beginning of the first National Lampoon’s Vacation movie, enthusiastic family man Clark Griswold takes possession of a ludicrously large and rectangular station wagon, behind the wheel of which he will safely, but definitely not stylishly, chauffeur his family from their stately home in Chicago to California, where Walley World, a Disney-type amusement park, awaits their every vacationing pleasure.

That the station wagon (model name: Wagon Queen Family Truckster) is absolutely not the vehicle he ordered in anticipation of the cross-country trip is somewhat besides the point, as when it arrives, it’s clad in a sickly green hue dubbed “Electric Pea” (and about a rec room’s worth of faux wood paneling.)  Even the coolest little sports car in the world couldn’t overcome that particular paint job.

But owing to some odd combination of poor colour resolution in taped-off-the-TV ’80s movies and my own childlike grossness, I’ve always thought of the Pea as Pee.  Because peas are super cute, and the prettiest shade of grass green.  But a gigantic wood paneled station wagon painted the flat, queasy colour of a urine sample is decidedly less cute!

Know what else doesn’t fare particularly well in shades of urine?  Nail polish!  Like this uniquely-hued lacquer, Enchanted Polish’s House of the Rising Sun.  Bearing virtually nothing in common with either the life-sustaining ball of fire OR the 1964 Animals’ tune, I’m completely confused by this polish’s name, because it is 100 PERCENT Electric Pee. For real, I’m holding a touch-up bottle of car paint for the Griswolds’ Wagon Queen Family Truckster here!


I’m still not entirely sure why I purchased House of the Rising Sun.  I’m going to chalk it up to Black Friday Blindness – you just don’t pass up an in-stock Enchanted Polish at 50 percent off, even if it’s the colour of wee. All the same, I can’t imagine using this polish for anything other than detail work in nail art, as it is SPECTACULARLY unflattering against my pale pink hide.  Those with very dark skin tones, however, would look simply stunning in this unique hue.  I can picture Lupita Nyong’o rocking the hell out of it, and probably with the matching lipstick, too.

Having said all that, it’s still an Enchanted Polish, which means it’s beautifully formulated, applies like a dream and wears like iron.  And at 50 percent off?  Well, I can’t complain too much about that. 🙂

Lost Boy


Praise the nail gods, it has been FOUND – a gold-tinged green holo that won’t dye your nails an indelible pea green for the next three to four months!  May the bells ring out across the land, the LOST BOY HAS BEEN FOUND!

Not to go all dramatic on you or anything, but this is sort of a big deal.  Green polishes – particularly those of the holographic variety – stain like an absolute beast, with golden greens, like this one, Enchanted Polish’s Lost Boy, faring the worst.  Last year I ran afoul of a gorgeous emerald green holo that stained my nails pea (or pee) green for the next four months.  It pained me to bin such a beautiful polish, but it was unwearable, even with two layers of base coat.

Lost Boy makes a more than acceptable substitute for that rich, vibrant polish – all the colour, none of the staining.  Still, I wouldn’t wear this without base coat (and indeed, I’m not – two coats here.)  But I learned my lesson on that one the hard way, and if you’re willing to throw caution to the wind, who am I to judge?  All the same, I’d base coat.  It is MOST unpleasant to run around with wee-hued nails for a quarter of the year, you know?

Formula-wise, Lost Boy is like all Enchanted Polishes – not too thin, not too thick, and a total one-coater if you polish carefully.  And the colour is just stupendous, a gold-dusted grass green holo that flashes an intense turquoise blue in the sun.


Although hiding in these particular photos, Lost Boy also maintains its bonkers holo effect in the shade, where the fine gold glitter is drawn out, giving an almost fuzzy sort of look to this super cool polish.


Enchanted used to be one of the more difficult brands to get your polished paws on, but in recent months the total insanity of unannounced flash sales and whatnot has died off, and now you can find a nice assortment of polishes in stock pretty well all the time.  I like the change very much.