Holo and Chrome

Holo Gradient Dots

With thanks to the pair of duochromes I used in this simple dotted manicure, Enchanted Polish’s Entwined and Neptune, this vertical gradient looks like I used a whole handful of gorgeous colours – purple, plum, green, teal and the barest hint of navy blue, and all of it enhanced by a smattering of silver holographic dots. Cute!

Holo Gradient Side

Great Neptune’s Beard!

Neptune Collage

If we are to go by Johnny Depp’s beloved interpretation, pirates err on the side of being more than a touch metrosexual – rascals, devils, thieves, yes, but in want of a nice manicure?  NEVER.  So I think any pirates in search of a fun new hue would yo-ho, yo-ho all over this drop dead gorgeous lacquer, Enchanted Polish’s turquoise-to-indigo duochrome, Neptune.   A watery-hued cousin of another favourite Enchanted polish, plum-to-purple duochrome Entwined, Neptune features a subtle green-to-blue colour shift that reminds me of gently rolling waves.  Its smattering of delicate holographic glitter really aids in the whole “briny deep” feel, glimmering softly in Neptune’s teal depths like phosphorescent plankton. It’s really quite spectacular.  Big, beautiful recommendation on this one.

Neptune Holo Collage

Neptune Fingers Front

Winner Winner, Mermaid Tail Dinner!

Mermaid Hand

Oh no. No, no, that doesn’t sound right at all. Pretty disgusting, actually. And after I came in all strong on that “winner winner” opening note. But GUYS! GUESS WHAT? I won the Canadian prize pack for the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge! And for my favourite nails of the challenge, too, my Simpsons Beerquarium mani (yeah, I know I’ve said previously that I don’t play favourites, but I didn’t want the other manicures to feel left out.) This is totally awesome! I hardly ever win anything (although now that I’m thinking about it, I won a ridiculous number of prizes at various bridal shows I attended when Mr. Finger Candy and I were enfianced.) But this is seriously so much better, in no small part because the prize is kickin’ – lots of cool polishes and polish-related accessories I’ll be sure to talk about endlessly on this blog! So great!

Mermaid Collage

But on to this mani, which I was hard at work at when the good news came in. I think these multichrome, gradient, holographic mermaid tail nails (with pearl-in oyster accent nail) are kind of the shit. There’s a lot going on here, but I’m just so blinded by all the colour-shifting, rainbow sparkling beauty to give much of a frig. For the multichrome-on-multichrome gradient, I topped two coats of Enchanted Polish’s turquoise-to-purple Magical Mystery Tour with two sponged-on coats of Enchanted’s mostly magenta Entwined. I then added the fish scale detailing with Liquid Sky Lacquer’s megawatt silver holo, Dream. Finally, on my ring finger I painted on something that I think looks more or less like an oyster (although it could also be a purple catcher’s mitt.) Winning mermaid magic.

Mermaid Fingers


Entwined Collage

This stunningly beautiful lacquer, Enchanted Polish’s Entwined, is pulling out all the multi-tasking stops here in one fantastic and versatile beauty product, dabbling around in three different on-trend looks – holos, duochromes and glitter – to create one perfect polish. I really can’t get over how gorgeous, unique and multi-faceted Entwined is, with its chemical haze-ish, plum-to-turquoise duochrome, ultra sparkly linear holo and sweet smattering of holographic glitter. Simply beautiful stuff, and always of the highest quality – an issue you never need worry about with Enchanted’s polishes.

But – why is there always a but? – Enchanted’s products are not the easiest to procure, and tend to be released in maddeningly sporadic spurts. Nail Polish Canada hosts a number of Enchanted releases every year, but they rarely feature new polishes, focusing instead on their older collections. And then there’s the price, which is certainly not Louboutin levels of crazy, but absolutely the kind of thing that would make your frugal grandmother shriek in disbelief. But if you can lay your polished hands on a bottle (or two, or three, or four…) you’ll see that the hype and elevated price point are occasionally worth it for a unique, beautiful and beautifully made product that’s sure to grace your fingertips for many manis to come.

Other Entwined CollageEntwined Sun Fingers