Limeade Love

Limeade Angled

As with all things in life – but especially friggin’ pain-in-my-arse water marble manis – practice makes perfect, so when my blogging friend Five Zero suggested – nay, demanded? – limeade nails to go along with yesterday’s frozen pink lemonade manicure, I happily snapped-to, this time with the addition of a couple of sweet Fimo fruits.  Next do we have any calls for orangeade, maybe a little Orange Julius action?  Or how about a strawberry daiquiri water marble?  I’ll call it the Frozen Drinks of Summer Series (*immediately goes off to begin making a list of every possible type of fruit and/or rum-infused cocktail.  I could be gone a while.*)

Limeade Front

La Patisserie

La Patisserie Front

Just a few end-of-summer treats to sweeten up this hot and humid Saturday night.

Actually, pastries of any variety (but for the 3D Fimo kind I’ve used here) don’t tend to fare very well in the humidity.  I went to a wedding once in a very beautiful – but un-air conditioned – venue in the very dog days of summer, and the cake slid apart in the middle of dinner.  Being in frosting-covered pieces didn’t diminish its taste one iota, but knowing how much wedding cakes cost – A LOT – and knowing how much planning and effort goes into creating one – also A LOT – it was a bit of a shame.  But a delicious shame, like all the very best ones. 😉

La Patisserie Side

Fruity Fingers

Fruity Fingers Sun

These nails, which rely heavily on those little Fimo pieces that never, ever want to lay flat on your nails, turned out much better than anticipated.  Although the little Fimo fruits would not, could not, lay flat on my nails, and this manicure is impractical plus-plus.  So pretty much business as usual for 3D nail art embellishments. But cute?  So cute!

In combination, the two glittery polishes I used here, Smitten Polish’s green Not Your Mama’s Easter Grass and turquoise Glacial Springs, remind me of an icy tropical drink. And because no good, blue curacao-soaked frozen cocktail is complete with at least a bit of garnish, I added some of that, too.  Drink up – there’s lots of good-for-you fruit in there!

Fruity Fingers Shade

Cucumber Water (Marble) (31DC2015)


Bah-dum *ching*! A little spa humour for you there. But for real, cucumber water (that mint and cucumber-infused water you’re sometimes served at spas or beauty salons) is heaven on earth. Like refreshment plus plus. Also, anything to sex up a boring old glass of water, yes?

Day 20’s theme in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge was the dreaded old water marble, nemesis of just about all but a few gifted nail artists. Cripes, it is a technique that is just BEYOND a pain in the arse, is it not? My MO (which I forget every time I attempt to water marble, resulting in multiple go-rounds) is to work WITH my water marbling limitations, which means confining my designs and colour choices to shimmery, tone-on-tone turquoises and watery, wave-type designs. That way, the uneven designs and bitty little bubbles look like they were on purpose, like water in a bubbling brook, and not just because I totally suck at water marbles!

Then, because I both had to cover up a bit of overzealous clean-up AND because I’ve been sitting on that spa water idea for what feels like forever now, I decided to add a couple of little Fimo mint leaves and a cucumber to my index finger – the perfect refreshing touch for this very imperfect watery (marble) mani.


Lemon-Lime Jelly Surprise! (31DC2015)


When my husband and I were first engaged, his family invited my family to a Thanksgiving church supper in their hometown that they attended every year. His family is moderately religious, mine even less so, yet we all agreed that church suppers always do a feast up right, and so we were going to go hardcore. Which we did. No turkeys were spared.

What was spared at our table, however, were about three half-finished bowls of jellied salad, all of it unnaturally hued and studded with unidentifiable bits of plant life. A gaggle of old ladies at our table were downright morose about the remaining salads, so much so that Mr. Finger Candy took it upon himself to eat the remaining salads. All three of them. Even the one that looked like it might have had a ribbon of mayonnaise suspended in its blue jellied depths. It was an odd ride home.

These nails remind me of those salads. Here I topped four coats of a lemon-hued jelly with two coats of Candy Lacquer’s Citrus Smoothie glitter topper, before adding a little lemon-lime garnish to my ring finger. And while it’s cute and all, AND it adheres to day three’s theme of yellow in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, I think the thing I like about this manicure the best is that it is literally the polish version of a jellied salad – bits of Citrus (Smoothie) suspended in jelly. Meta and delicious…but only if you’re my husband!


Cocktail Hour!

Cocktail Hour HandA couple of months ago I did a brushed-on gradient manicure with the warm sister colours to the polishes I used in this manicure – Mentality Nail Polish’s sheer green, aqua (shown below) and blue glazes, in case you were wondering – and it looked exactly like a Tequila Sunrise, one of those alarmingly coloured and potent alcoholic concoctions you can’t help but love, despite its not-from-nature hue. In any event, it would seem I’ve cozied up to the rainbow-coloured bar once again with these nails, another brushed-on manicure using Mentality’s glazes that now reminds me of a Blue Lagoon or a Blue Hawaiian or any other super stainy cocktail involving blue curacao. And what’s a cocktail without a little (fimo cane) garnish, hmm? Nothing I want to drink (that’s a lie; I’ll still drink it, even if my middle-aged constitution no longer allows for the kind of drinking that goes along with blue beverages.)Cocktail Hour FingersCocktail Hour Bottle

Parisian Sweets

Parisian Sweets CollageI was swatching this lacquer, Picture Polish’s corally-pink Paris, and thought my completed mani could use a bit of embellishment. I rarely, if ever, reach for my very small selection of studs, gems and fimo pieces when I’m looking for a little something extra to add to my manis; I’m more likely to brush on a few freehanded touches than anything. Or sometimes I go with both, as I did here, taking a bit of extra punny inspiration from this polish’s name. Sweet!

And of Paris, the polish, itself? Gorgeous, lovely, beautiful – nothing but positive adjectives here. Picture Polish’s lacquers – the four or so I’ve tried myself – are universally impressive, particularly the scattered holo shimmer type, like Paris. I used one coat of Seche Vite over these nails, because I always do, but Paris dries down to a lovely satin finish that looks great and wears well all on its own. Extra sweet!Parisian Sweets Fingers