A Sprinkling of Freckles


So titled after the very sprinkle-like neon glitter topper I used here, Polish Me Silly’s Freckles, over a simple purple-on-cream gradient.  It’s super overcast and gloomy here today, and I wanted a cheerful manicure that reminds me of food – I think this definitely qualifies!

Sprinkles and Studs

Stud Hand

Keeping things simply sparkly and neon for the first few days of 2016 with this manicure that combines Polish Me Silly’s Freckles glitter topper with Orly’s silver holo, Mirrorball.  I love the way the paper thin glitter of Freckles looks as though it’s part of Mirrorball, without taking on that unfortunate pitted look so many neon glitters can impart.  I then topped the whole works off with some diamond-shaped neon studs from Daily Charme.  Simple, sparkly, colourful and cute.

Stud Fingers

Sunday Night Sprinkles


These nails are so much fun! Tell me again why don’t I matte all the manicures? Matte topcoats, like Essie’s Matte About You, the topcoat I used for these nails, dry down to a beautiful, chalkboard-like finish that lend even the most basic of manicures a little something special. For these Sunday night specials, I topped a baby pink creme polish with two coats of Polish Me Silly’s Freckles, a neon glitter topper stuffed with razor thin, rainbow-coloured hexes. Freckles is delicate enough that it always looks as though it’s embedded in the base polish, with Matte About You giving the whole works a delicate, eggshell-type softness. As the final finishing touch, I dropped a single pastel stud onto each one of my nails, nestling them against my cuticles. Mmmm, sprinkles!


Rainbow Sprinkle Cotton Candy Fluff

Fluff HandYou’ll have to forgive the overly florid and descriptive title of this post; I recently received an order of delicious-smelling wax melts (those little tarts you melt in a burner) and they’ve all got adorable – but needlessly complicated and overly descriptive – names like Applemuffin Wildberry Crunchie Pie and Choco-Mallow Streusel Cookie Bites. All right, so those might be wee exaggerations, but I’m pretty sure I actually do have a tart that’s called Rainbow Sprinkle Cotton Candy Fluff, which is precisely what these nails remind me of – rainbow sprinkle-dusted cotton candy.

For these fun, neon-speckled nails, I topped a cling wrap manicure of Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in Breezy Blue and Bubblegum Pink with two coats of Polish Me Silly’s Freckles, a rainbow glitter topper that is my go-to for any manicure I want to look sprinkled. Mmm, sprinkles…Fluff Fingers



A favourite indie polish maker, Polish Me Silly, is a few days away from a big launch of neon glitter toppers, one or two of which already have my name alllll over them.  But until I actually have them in my hot little hands, I’ll just have to make do with frankening together some close-but-not-quite copies that make use of my pre-existing stash.

Here, to get the look of Polish Me Silly’s new black-and-neon Trouble Maker, I topped two glow in the dark polishes, Serum No. 5’s Blue Blazes and Pure Glow Getter, with a mixture of Polish Me Silly’s neon Freckles and Sephora Formula X’s black and white Chaotic.  It’s not a perfect match, but close in this case actually counts for more than just horseshoes and hand grenades. 😉

Just for fun, here are two photos of Pure Glow Getter and Blue Blazes doing their glow-in-the-dark thing.  I had high hopes for Pure Glow Getter, swatches of which showed your standard white polish with a twist – a delicate, lit-from-within effect in the dark that almost looked like shimmering opals.  In reality, it’s temperamental, a touch thick, dries to an almost rubbery finish that will not adhere to other polishes (so forget about using it for detail work) and loses most of its glow the second you add a top coat.  But my disappointment with Pure Glow Getter is outweighed by the awesomeness of Blue Blazes, a baby blue cream that glows blindingly bright turquoise in the dark.  It, too, dries to a vaguely odd, slightly rubbery finish, but thankfully doesn’t succumb to the ravages of a nice top coat like its glowy sister (HOURS after my nails had last seen light they were still glowing a deep, oceanic blue that not even my crapass photography skills could fail to capture!)055068

Saved By the Bell

Saved By the Bell

There’s something very 1980s about these nails, a throwback to the title card graphics of Saturday morning teen staple, Saved By the Bell. Being the contrary type, of course, I didn’t actually start watching Saved By the Bell (original sauce and The College Years) until a year or so after I myself had completed my post-secondary education. So long past the point of relevance, assuming it ever had any to begin with. But for a year or so there as I navigated the unknown wilds of new home ownership, “grown up job” jitters and the horrid realization that I really couldn’t cook, clean or care for myself for shit, there was no better way to start my day than with a bowl of Cheerios, a giant glass of milk and two back-to-back episodes of Saved By the Bell.

And while I’d never say that Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski and company were my preferred gang with which to hang (that honour goes to another Saturday morning NBC favourite, the Guys Next Door), there was something supremely comforting about the way life never really changed for the students of Bayside High. Episode after episode, life was little more than Slater’s wrestling matches, Screech’s…screechiness…and Zack’s endless (and one-sided) battle of “wits” with Mr. Belding. And all of it wrapped in a neon-and-acid-wash blanket of major ’80s cheese. Sing it with me now! “When I wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning and I don’t think I’ll ever make it on time…”

For these nails I topped a favourite bright yellow (Sally Hansen’s Mellow Yellow) with a neon glitter polish packed with fine matte glitter (Polish Me Silly’s Freckles.) Then, never really knowing where to draw the line between too much and not enough, I topped that with a neon blue glitter polish (Sephora Formula X’s TNT) and, for that extra special ’80s touch, a black and white glitter topper (Sephora Formula X’s Chaotic.) The pink I used on my index finger is another favourite, Finger Paint’s Louvre This Pink.

The Flossy Flossy

The Flossy Flossy

I think these nails, my first attempt at a cling wrap manicure (brush on two different colours of polish and smush together with plastic wrap, basically) look like cotton candy speckled with sprinkles. The next time I try this technique I think I’ll go with two more opposing colours; the baby blue-on-pink I have going on here is delicate and lovely, but the Venetian plaster-like effect gets a bit lost amongst all that polished pale.



Continuing my streak of manis featuring Polish Me Silly polishes (guess who got her post-Christmas nail mail today?) this manicure features a fun neon glitter topper by the name of Freckles and the third nail art design I ever attempted, the almighty fluffy cupcake!

The indie polish market is flooded with neon glitter toppers, most of them quite similar, but Freckles is a standout – with its mix of fine matte glitter and ultra even coverage, it gives an almost dainty look to your nails, a word not normally found in the same sentence as either “neon” or “glitter”!

Note: I feel the somewhat unnecessary (but it’s nagging me, so I’ll do it) need to point out that I’m not affiliated with Polish Me Silly in any way, just a new and very impressed customer trying out her lovely goodies. Although it is rather outstanding that they went four for four in one order – not a dud in the bunch, and that’s a bit of a rarity. Plus, it’s always nice to acknowledge the good work of a company – particularly a small one – that has their act together.