Blue Flowers 1

That’s the name of these cute little blue blooms that have flower-bombed my front beds and lawn.  They’re big time bee-bait, though, so I’ve been admiring them at a distance (except for when I dashed outside to recklessly plunge my hand into the buzzing bed of buds to snap this photo of these inspired-by nails I recently did.  What can I say, guess I’m willing to suffer for my art.) 😉


The Blueberry Bush

Blueberry Fingers

A number of years ago I got more than a little cocky about my abilities as a balcony gardener.  I have two large balconies that overlook a river, and for one glorious summer three or so years ago, I cultivated a thriving garden of everything that’s not supposed to grow on a windy hunk of waterless concrete, from herbs and pansies, hibiscus trees and roses, to succulents and ferns, daisies and – in my greatest feat of green thumbing EVER – a fruit-producing raspberry cane.  BOO-YEAH!  All right, so it would appear I haven’t quite abandoned the cocky thing just yet, but come on, that’s kind of impressive, right?  I’m still impressed!  Just look at this little raspberry!  I made him!


Although perhaps I should not be quite so down with me, because that one glorious summer of thriving bounty?  Never to be repeated again. Subsequent summers have netted naught but a wasp infestation in my gerbera daisies, one tiny bulb of garlic that grew into a slightly larger bulb of garlic and a flowering magnolia that steadfastly refused to flower.  It should also be noted that that one perfect year I harassed the power of nature, my blueberry bush REFUSED to do, well, anything.  It sent off a few promising green shoots and then just sort of sat there for the season while I periodically cursed it out.

But there was no swearing at these cute blueberry nails, which were not only easy (detail brush for the leaves, dotting tool for the berries) but also didn’t require me to go outside, which is terrifically attractive when it’s as cold and rainy as it is today.  Not that I’d be gardening today anyways, but the analogy stands!  I think.  The one thing I can be absolutely sure of, though – these little lacquered blueberry bushes are a lot prettier than the real deal, and definitely more bountiful!

Tick Tick Bloom

Rose HandHere’s some pretty, bright floral nail art to kick off what I’m hoping will be a warm, melty weekend. Despite the flakes that continue to fall every few days, there’s a definite hint of Spring in the air, and I’m really looking forward to getting out onto my balcony this gardening season and swiftly killing another rose (I can grow an actual fruit-producing raspberry bush on my balcony, but not a rose – go figure) as opposed to just killing it with roses on my nails! Still, given my aversion to the great outdoors – even the concrete-encased version one step off my livingroom – and the fact that winter won’t really be over for at least another month, perhaps I should stick to the lacquered variety of gardening for the time being.

I’m biased, of course, but I think these floral nails are pretty great. They look like a fabulous duvet I really need to own. I’m also pleased to note that my rose game has gotten much better. I used to regularly churn out these blobby things I referred to as rose-oids, but these could actually pass for flowers! Well done, me.Rose Fingers



I live in a condo apartment with two large balconies, and for the last few summers I’ve tried to set up a little horticultural oasis on at least one of them. It turns out I don’t have an altogether useless green thumb (I did keep a raspberry cane alive over the winter with no more care than shoving it into a pot in the corner of my livingroom and forgetting to water it for weeks on end) and I like the sort of calm that steals over me when I’m sitting in the early morning chill, clipping useless dead bits off my rose. Last year I went for a real hothouse kind of look – lots of oranges, hot pinks and yellows – while this year it’s more country garden-inspired, with buckets of girly-but-deceptively-temperamental flowers like cabbage roses and dahlias and a stupid flowering gardenia that’s already driving me insane. This manicure, a simple floral design sitting atop a blackened teal glitter polish that itself reminds me of dark green dahlia leaves, is inspired by those new-to-my-balcony flowers.