Nail Polish for Hanukkah

Thinking here, of course, of the Daveed Diggs’ jam he recently released on Disney+ for Hanukkah 2020, Puppy for Hanukkah (and if we did celebrate Hanukkah, like so many of our neighbours do, we’d apparently be way out of step with this year’s most desired gift, because we just got a cat! More details about him than you’d really ever require in another post shortly.) 😉

But nail polish for Hanukkah can definitely be a thing, particularly when it’s a beautiful, rich blue that makes your fingernails look like they’re glowing from within.

This is Kathleen & Co.’s Superionic, another polish I grabbed from Polish Pickup back in who-knows-when.  It was just a few months ago, but with the way time has been moving this year, it could have been February.  Or yesterday.

So pretty, right?  And plush; one of those polishes that feels like you’re applying flowing silk to your nails.  And that colour?  *chef’s kiss*  What a stunner!  Perfect for any of the eight celebratory nights.

Happy Hanukkah!

Gold Bottle

Wishing all my Jewish friends a wonderful start to the Hanukkah season. To celebrate the occasion, here’s an elegant, yet festive, manicure. Practically bubbie-approved, and super easy, to boot – just a top-down glitter gradient (Ardene’s Golden Child glitter topper) over a dark and stormy blue creme (KB Shimmer’s Stonewashed.)  May your celebrations be happy ones, friends. 🙂

Gold Fingers Side