Cherry-Vanilla Cola Fizz

Cherry-Vanilla Cola Fizz 1I wonder which is less toxic, actual cola or this manicure.

The inspiration for this jelly sandwich manicure came from an indie polish I used to covet that both looked like and was named after Cherry Cola. I say “used to” because Cherry Cola’s maker, Happy Hands Nail Polish, no longer seems to be in active business.

But I have a caramel-coloured jelly polish, Nfu Oh’s JS39, and a cherry-and-vanilla-hued glitter polish, KB Shimmer’s Candy Cane Crush, and when the two are combined in a syrupy and fizzy-looking jelly sandwich mani, it makes for a pretty convincing dupe. I especially like the way the little white bits in the glitter polish look like tiny bubbles rising to the surface of the drink.Cherry-Vanilla Cola Fizz 2