Tumble Into Love


I’ve no need for 856 “collectible” plastic coffee tumblers, so I don’t actually possess the item in question, but these nails were inspired by a cute coffee tumbler that Starbucks is selling right now for Valentine’s Day.  Cute, but I honestly don’t know where people put these things.  Do they use them?  Do they use them for something other than drinking coffee? Because I use one of the two tumblers I do have to hold my laundry Loonies.  The other developed some sort of interior creeping fungus that, if released, will probably attain sentience and destroy a mid-sized metropolitan centre.  But I keep it around because it has romantic sentimental value, earth-razing fungus notwithstanding (I desperately want to make a joke about the current state of American politics here, but as always, I aim to keep it civil, if not entirely topical.)

My Little Pony Butts!


I was a huge My Little Pony fan when I was a kid.  I can still remember the Christmas my parents bought me the Pony Palace, an ENORMOUS equine playhouse that folded out into three separate wings, including an indoor pool and an atrium.  That was the year my best friend got Castle Grayskull from his parents, and we spent our holidays gleefully imprisoning the baby ponies in the Castle’s trapdoor prison (when Skeletor wasn’t taking a dip in the pool, that was.)

So I was of course predictably horrified when, while researching these nails (I couldn’t for the life of me remember half of the OG ponies’ names) I ran across the new generation of My Little Pony figurines, half-horse, half-human abominations that stand on two feet, hands – HANDS!!! – perched on saucily cocked hips, giant, multi-coloured manes piled high.  Looking at them, I felt positively ragey, and brokenhearted for all that kids are barely allowed to be today – just kids.  Kids with plastic horse toys with huge butts and stubby legs and sweet, baleful eyes, not these sexy, anthropomorphized nightmares desperately trying to eye-bang me through the protective plastic on their boxes.

Tangent!  But a valid one.  Been to a toy store lately?  Your favourites – if they’re still in production – are not as you remember them!  So I thought I’d honour what used to be, the markings on the chubby haunches of the original ponies, from left to right, Bow-Tie, Applejack, Minty and Snuzzle.

Groove is in the Heart (31DC2016)


Yeah, I’d best be getting my groove on seeing as I’m now three days behind on the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, owing to what should have been some totally foreseeable technical difficulties (the installation of higher speed Internet to my apartment, and when does that ever go smoothly?  Never, which is why I was without a connection for a day and a half, which in Internet time is equivalent to 73 very long years.)

All blogging dramatics aside, these nails are my entry towards day 22’s theme of a song in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.  Groove is in the Heart, by early ’90s club band Deee-Lite, is one of those musical ear worms you either love or hate.  I fall into the latter category; it’s fun, but so gimmicky, and despite my husband’s protestations – he LOVES them like he loves the B-52s, another band with a similar retro vibe – it’s the very essence of a one hit wonder, and all those slide whistles start making me feel super twitchy after a bit.  But it has inspired some pretty cool nail art, so we shall call this one a win. 🙂

I Heart Chevrons

Chevrons 1

Or is this rick-rack?  Colour choices aside (red, pale blue and white always read as very nautical to me), this looks like the design on a nubbily knit Christmas sweater, a mani ever so slightly out of seasonal step with today’s so gross, super sweltering weather.  Must be cool, wishful thinking on my overheated part(s.) 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day!

VDay Collage 2016

There’s still two hours and 45 minutes left in my time zone on this Valentine’s Day thing, so I thought I’d take a moment to highlight the absolute bounty of pink, red and white manicures I completed in the run-up to the big day.  First thing tomorrow, everyone’s focus will shift to St. Patrick’s Day, so best to get these hearts in while I still can!  Xs and Os to you all – I hope your day was a happy one. 🙂

Just the Two of Us

Peaceful Valentines

Yes, I do wish you a most lovely and peaceful Valentine’s Day, friends, but there’s a far less warm and fuzzy reason for the two-finger V-Day salute – chiefly that the three-year-old nail strips I had intended to use in this manicure, Incoco’s Love is in the Air, were completely dried out and I was lucky to get the two fingers’ worth of mani that I did.  So what’s the lesson we’ve learned this Valentine’s Day, class?  That most beauty products have some wiggle room in terms of their best-by dates, just not years of wiggle.  Use it when you got it, folks – hoarding (or simply forgetting a thing exists) never pays!

Love Letter

Love Letter fingers

This mani is a love letter to you, dear friends, followers, readers and occasional dropper by-ers. I care about you so much, I went out on my balcony in what with windchill amounts to -40 degree temperatures – that’s minus! negative! really effin’ cold! – to take some well-lit photos of my most recent creation.  And I don’t just chance frostbite for anyone, you know.  Must be true love. 😉