Mumu Memories


If I may toot my own horn, this is a super pretty tropical floral print filled with…hibiscuses? Hibiscusi? Lots of hibiscus blossoms, in any event. I realized about halfway through these nails that I was actually recreating the print of my favourite childhood pyjamas, a turquoise, hibiscus-printed mumu my aunt brought back for me from a trip to Hawaii when I was maybe eight or nine. When she gave it to me, this giant sack of floral-printed cotton with tiny cap sleeves, it grazed the floor. By the time it said its last goodnight, I was 22, it was threadbare and it hung just a couple of inches below my knees. And it really did look exactly like this manicure, which I think is a lovely little bit of unintentional nostalgia. 🙂