Jolly Hollies

Holly Jolly

I mentioned some posts back that I’ve really been bitten by the Christmas bug this year.  And I have to say, I far prefer this kind of bug bite to the bah humbug variety that has regrettably plagued my Christmases for many years running.  I have a very small family, and we’re close, but our holiday celebrations are always deeply WASP-y affairs – tasteful decorations, sumptuous feast, many viewings of Love, Actually and Home Alone in which we yell profanities at Alan Rickman and count the number of felonies committed by Kevin McAllister, respectively.  And I really love those Christmases, tiny and weird though they may be (particularly the brunch and dinner parts; my mom is an ah-maze-ing cook) but they’ve become a bit predictable, and I think we’re all ready for a change.

So this year my husband and I are trying something new.  As such, I’ve really had to be on the ball with my holiday preparations, and my enjoyment of the season is truly all the better for it.  The tree is up!  And I didn’t electrocute myself this year, not even once.  My cards are written and ready to be mailed out, most of my gifts are purchased and Babes in Toyland has been watched.  And then just this past weekend my parents and I enjoyed a lovely and festive night out touring beautiful old homes done up for the holidays.  It’s been nice; I like actually engaging with the season instead of whining about how much I have to do until suddenly it’s Boxing Day and I realize I’ve done absolutely nothing.

And that goes for my nails as well – there’s always a mad rush in the final 10 days of the year to complete all those festive manicures I neglected through the other 21 days of December.  But not this year!  I’m on it, and digging on this multi-chromatic holly berry design.  Very merry.

Holly Jolly

Holly JollyGlitzy gold and glimmering glitter pair up in this festive manicure, which features a free-handed, merry berry accent nail. And just in time for the holiday decorating, too. Today I tackle THE LIGHTING OF THE TREE, a once-12-hour ordeal I’ve since whittled down to a trim two hours/one and a half holiday movies. My Clark Griswold-esque bouts of Christmas decorating insanity are a story for another day, though, and possibly some professional therapy, and so I’ll focus on these festive nails instead!

Here I used one coat of Orly’s Tinsel, a polish I think looks like the bits of glitter and tree needles that carpet the space directly below a Christmas tree, over three coats of Orly’s glittery gold Bling, adding a wee holly berry accent nail for that certain festive flair. Pretty and pretty darn easy.