Fireworks on 4th

Fireworks Shade

Merriest of Independence Days to my American friends. ūüôā ¬†Now, go celebrate making it through the past five months by blowing up a small piece of your nation, colourfully. Sorry, colORfully. ¬†American grammar rules only today.


Mega Magpie

Shiny Things Bottle

As in I’m hoping you will make like one and be thoroughly dazzled by the shiny, sparkly things – here Color Club’s mad rainbow-throwing holo wonder, Crystal Baller – so you won’t notice how hopelessly lopsided these chevrons really are. ¬†Yee-ikes! ¬†I don’t know what to tell you, geometry has never been my strong suit, not even in nail art. ūüėČ

Shiny Things Fingers

My Pretty Purple

April 2017 Collage

Afternoon, friends! ¬†Tiny word of warning regarding this post: It’s coming at you primarily under the power of lotsandlots of cold meds. ¬†Toooooo many cold meds! ¬†I’ve been terribly sick since the end of last week, and yesterday, after reaching my breaking point with the headaches, the fever and the nausea, I reached for just a few too many medications instead, and promptly fell into a David Lynchian, *mostly* unaccounted-for 24 hours (best summed up by the shipping confirmation I received from Sephora this morning for an order I do not remember placing last night!) ¬†I will attempt to keep this as linear as possible!

This lovely purple lacquer is Enchanted Polish’s mystery pick for April 2017. ¬†It’s very pretty – can’t go wrong with an Enchanted holo; they always do ’em up right – but probably nothing I’d seek out of my own volition. All the same, I will use the heck out of this polish – there’s always room for a pale purple in my nail art endeavors, and this one is just lovely, in the sun, of course, but also in the shade, where you can see just the tiniest touch of rose shimmer streaked throughout the bottle. ¬†Very pretty.

March 2017 Bottle

Who’s a Naughty Girl Then?


This polish, that’s who, Different Dimension’s holographic Naughty. ¬†Or should I say “Differen Dimensio”? That’s how my bottle is labelled, owing to what looks like a printing error. ¬†I kind of like it; it sounds like a spell from Harry Potter. ¬†Accio manicuris!

Nomenclature notwithstanding, Naughty is actually a very nice polish, applying smoothly, if a touch thickly, in two coats. ¬†This one requires a fast, steady hand. ¬†But oh my, that colour, and the gorgeous holographic flare (technical term that, flare, meaning the deeply saturated, shimmery bit running down the middle of the bottle.) ¬†I nabbed my bottle at¬†Harlow & Co., who has recently begun dealing in Different Dimension’s beautiful polishes. ¬†It was $17.50 Canadian a bottle and worth every Loonie.


Turning Pointe


I danced for a long, long time in my younger days, and I can confirm that toe shoes – the inspiration for this polish, KB Shimmer’s ballet pink glitter, Turning Pointe – are an absolute nightmare. ¬†I was no slouch in my dance classes (actually won a couple of awards for my efforts throughout the years) but I never felt less graceful and daintily light-footed than when I strapped on my toe shoes. ¬†And “strapped” is just the right word, too – rose pink satin ribbons slicing into my ankles, murderous little toe boxes squeezing the life out of my piggies…it always felt like the shoes were working against me, like I had to heave myself up and en pointe¬†around them. ¬†Professional ballerinas do themselves a great disservice by making it all look so effortlessly light, but I know better!

Turning Pointe, another lovely Christmas gift, is one of KB Shimmer’s mega flame holographic lacquers. ¬†In layman’s terms, that means it’s a big old sparkle-a-palooza. And what a shimmering beauty she is, too, stuffed to the brim with holographic micro glitter in a super flattering ballet pink base. ¬†Just gorgeous. ¬†Also opaque in three light coats, and available (along with a number of its equally beautiful collection mates) through Harlow & Co.


Groovy, Baby!


I think Austin Powers would approve of this very psychedelic-looking water marble manicure. ¬†He’d at least appreciate the not-inconsiderable effort that went into it – water marbles are a test of a nail artist’s mental and physical fortitude, and I’m definitely now spent.

And I truly don’t know why they need to be so difficult. ¬†Or random. ¬†Like, you’d never know that each one of these nails started off in the exact same place, with the exact same order of polishes going into the water marble. ¬†And yet. ¬†Story of the water marble – and yet.


Lost Boy


Praise the nail gods, it has been FOUND – a gold-tinged green holo that won’t dye your nails an indelible pea green for the next three to four months! ¬†May the bells ring out across the land, the LOST BOY HAS BEEN FOUND!

Not to go all dramatic on you or anything, but this is sort of a big deal. ¬†Green polishes – particularly those of the holographic variety – stain like an absolute beast, with golden greens, like this one, Enchanted Polish’s Lost Boy, faring the worst. ¬†Last year I ran afoul of a gorgeous emerald green holo that stained my nails pea (or pee) green for the next four months. ¬†It pained me to bin such a beautiful polish, but it was unwearable, even with two layers of base coat.

Lost Boy makes a more than acceptable substitute for that rich, vibrant polish – all the colour, none of the staining. ¬†Still, I wouldn’t wear this without base coat (and indeed, I’m not – two coats here.) ¬†But I learned my lesson on that one the hard way, and if you’re willing to throw caution to the wind, who am I to judge? ¬†All the same, I’d base coat. ¬†It is MOST unpleasant to run around with wee-hued nails for a quarter of the year, you know?

Formula-wise, Lost Boy is like all Enchanted Polishes Рnot too thin, not too thick, and a total one-coater if you polish carefully.  And the colour is just stupendous, a gold-dusted grass green holo that flashes an intense turquoise blue in the sun.


Although hiding in these particular photos, Lost Boy also maintains its bonkers holo effect in the shade, where the fine gold glitter is drawn out, giving an almost fuzzy sort of look to this super cool polish.


Enchanted used to be one of the more difficult brands to get your polished paws on, but in recent months the total insanity of unannounced flash sales and whatnot has died off, and now you can find a nice assortment of polishes in stock pretty well all the time.  I like the change very much.