Blue Belle

Holo Blues Collage

Hey, I made this polish!  Okay, obviously not Mega, the silver ILNP holo. That lacquer is a thing of beauty, and worth every cent of its rather elevated price tag.  But the blue glitter polish?  That’s mine!

One of only a small handful of personal use polishes I made nearly three years ago now, its name is I Blue It, and I was super pleased to see that even after all this time, and despite its DIY DNA, it’s still a pretty awesome lacquer.  A chunky glitter, yes, so a pain in the butt to remove, just like all glitter polishes.  Ain’t nuffin to be done about that.  But I Blue It has maintained its not-too-thick, not-too-thin consistency, and continues to apply smoothly and evenly.  I Blue It’s colour has also remained consistent over the years, the slightly dusky blue jelly base untouched by colour bleed from its white and black glitters. All the props to solvent resistant glitter for that – you can’t make a homemade polish without it.

Holo Blues Bottle Again

And all the props to me for this cute manicure that’s all tied up with a couple of turquoise bows.  I hadn’t planned on doing a second manicure yesterday, but with the sun out in its full, holo-blazing glory and these two polishes next up on deck, how could I not? 🙂

Holo Blues Fingers 1

Oh, Blue-Hoo

Oh, Blue-Hoo

Here’s a sad little thundercloud sitting atop a puddle of glittery blue polish that reminds me a bit of extra sparkly rainwater. That I made this particular glitter polish – name’s I Blue It – just adds to the overcast fun.

These nails are my entry in the second week of the May N.A.I.L. Art Challenge for the theme of clouds, despite the fact that I am sporting but one cloud on my nails, singular. Hopefully no one will take me to task for it and (GROAN) rain on my polished parade.

Gettin’ Crafty With It: I Blue It

Gettin' Crafty With It: I Blue It

I Blue It is another homemade concoction, a polish inspired by and made for a friend (hey, guess what you’re getting the next time we see each other?!) It’s a simple but still flashy bright turquoise jelly speckled with silver and black holographic glitter.

Here I’ve shown I Blue It alongside a few nails painted in a new-to-me polish and finish, Sally Hansen’s Crackle Overcoat in Wave Break. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Wave Break is actually a duochrome, flashing both turquoise and purple depending on the light, although I can’t say I’m totally sold on the crackle finish. It’s a temperamental little thing, and I can’t imagine wanting to use it all that often, cool though it is.