Plum Rain: A Mini Lush Review

Plum Rain Collage

With a matchy matchy mani.  But first the suds!  Which would be Lush’s delicious new shower gel, Plum Rain.

I’ve griped on this blog multiple times about the discord I think there is between Lush’s scent descriptions and the actual fragrances themselves.  Nine times out of 10 everything comes out smelling like powdery orange “drink.”  Or a musty floral I uncharitably describe as “granny’s unmentionables drawer.”

Plum Rain blessedly succumbs to neither issue, smelling precisely like its blend of vibrantly-scented ingredients – tart, juicy plums and a zesty, lime-leaning mandarin. Fans of Lush’s Layer Cake soap – I very much was one – will love Plum Rain; they smell quite similar, like cold, clear, freshly-squeezed glasses of juice.

Being a clear shower gel as opposed to one of Lush’s more colour-saturated shower creams, Plum Rain also doesn’t fall prey to the very real problem of staining the crap out of your tub and/or shower and/or skin, despite its deep and dark indigo hue.  It also made my hide feel a little more scrubbed-down than when I use a shower cream, a sensation I actually prefer – all evidence to the contrary, I’m not much of a product person, and I dislike the feeling of slippery, overly-moisturized skin.

Plum Rain Bottle

Ah, but that colour!  Great enough to mimic in this manicure featuring one of Enchanted Polish’s mystery lacquers from January 2015, which is the exact shade of Plum Rain (glittery bits excepted – none of those in here, you glitterphobes.)


Plum Rain is available online and in Lush shops right now.  This 100 ml bottle, which will last me the better part of the year (told you I’m not much of a product person!) retails for $10.95 Canadian.

Eye Spy

Eye Spy 1

This combination of polishes, ILNP’s multi-chromatic flakie topper, Paradox, over Enchanted Polish’s plum holo, January 2015, reminded me so much of the colour and effect of the wallpaper in Disney’s Haunted Mansion, I added some not-so evil eyes just to seal the ghostly deal.  These nails should keep the haunts of the Mansion extra happy, but all the same, keep your eye(s) on this one. 😉

Eye Spy 2

Mixed and Matched

Mix and Match CollageI might be deluding myself here, but I like to think that my nail polish procurement issues veer more towards charming quirk as opposed to worrying pathology, a tenuous distinction made and tempered only by the fact that I really USE my polishes, even – especially – those of the pricey and/or hard-to-find variety. The kid in me that used to keep a small collection of Au Coton bags (Canadian gals who grew up in the ’80s will recognize that name – it was kind of the American Apparel of its time, and your purchases came in adorable, multi-coloured carrier bags) feels that pull to hoard pretty items, especially those that are, like so many nail polishes, limited edition or otherwise special in some way, but the adult that I actually am (or pretend to be) demands that I get some real utility out of this stuff, no matter the price tag or an item’s perceived awesomeness.

I offer that by way of explanation for these three mix ‘n match manis I did this weekend, a red-to-purple and then purple-to-red gradient using two new Enchanted polishes, the latter of which I later topped off with a glittery Emily de Molly, an audacious move, according to some good natured grief I received on Instagram, as apparently you DO NOT defile an Enchanted polish with anything else, not even another Enchanted polish. I guess you’re supposed to swatch it once, post the photos to Instagram whilst obnoxiously referring to it as a “baby” (eeeugh) and then stare longingly at it until the day it all just dries up? Sounds productive.

And so instead I choose to actually use my polishes – all of my polishes – in gorgeous, single-colour manis or in combination in nail art, mixing it up and maximizing my purchases for all they’re worth, regardless of a polish’s pricetag or pedigree. That seems like the best way to get the most out of my not huge, but also not insubstantial, stash, all the while making room for more (see, worrywart Instagrammers, there’s your silver lining)!

Here I did a red-to-purple gradient using Enchanted’s plummy January 2015 over their red rose February 2015. I then did another gradient, this time reversing the colours to purple-to-red, before topping it with Emily de Molly’s glittery Heart Street. Heart Street is a hot pink, jelly-based glitter that you can absolutely get opaque in about three coats, but I prefer it as a single-coater over dark polishes, particularly lush purples like January 2015 that pull and highlight all that gorgeous, fiery-coloured glitter.092

Plum Perfect

Enchanted BottleA perfectly plummy holographic was the name of the game – and the polish – for Enchanted Polish’s January 2015 surprise pre-order. Like the beauty I featured in yesterday’s post, the sublimely gorgeous, red rose-hued February 2015, January’s purple pick is a holographic stunner, this time shot through with a deep plum shimmer. Another solid pick in Enchanted’s Mani of the Month Club. And now I have no choice but to get the other 10 months’ of the year. Bummer. 🙂January 2015 CollageRight Jan 2015 Hand