Blood in the Water

Jaws Full Hand

Hey look, it’s my boy Jaws!  Always fun to catch up with my favourite fiberglass shark, with a cameo from the outstandingly tacky anchor print blazer the asshat Mayor of Amity wears as he’s dooming his island-bound constituents to death-by-shark.

Slightly tangential, but I miss the Jaws ride at Universal Studios Florida with the fire of 1,000 exploding oil tankers.  Ah, to smooch that germ-ridden mug just one more time, as I did on our honeymoon (and maybe five or six other times in my life, but this sweet shark kiss happened on our honeymoon.  Mr. Finger Candy was very understanding.) 😉

Smooching Jaws

Dunnnnnhhhh Dunh, Dunnnnnhhhh Dunh

Dunnnnnhhhh Dunh, Dunnnnhhhh Dunh

These Jaws-themed nails, a re-do on one of my first nail art designs, really deserve the then-and-now treatment. I’ve come a long way in just four months, and executing these nails without multiple do-overs, mild weeping and hair-rending is nothing short of miraculous in my formaldehyde-addled mind. It’s too embarrassing to post the old guys, mostly because my nails and cuticles are in such rough shape (or no shape, really) and the sharks are baby blue. So cute and totally not what I was going for!

Wishy washy feelings about my second Jaws-ing aside, one thing that is perfectly clear is I LOVE that movie. Superb performances, great physical effects (don’t be so harsh, it was the 1970s) and that score? Pure perfection. And I continue to mourn its loss to this day, because I’m an amusement park nerd that way, but the now-no-more Jaws Ride at Universal Studios Florida gets my vote for the second greatest ride of all time (a close second to Disney World’s Haunted Mansion, if you were curious.) No trip to Amity Island was complete without a wee stop-off to smooch the giant fibreglass shark hanging outside the ride, and I’d be in a bit of a mood if I didn’t catch at least a few minutes of the in-line entertainment, a faux news program on WJWS (“All shark programming on your all shark station!”) complete with bantering hosts, drunken sea captains and shark puppets. Like I said, (second) best ride ever. 🙂