Don’t Get Chippy With Me

Chippy Hand

Or do; I suppose if we’re talking chocolate chips, like the ones in these delicious-looking nails, that would be all right. For this simple manicure that’s full of chocolatey goodness, I painted my index finger, pinkie and thumb (hee hee, what a funny word “pinkie” is) with three coats of Smitten Polish’s brownie-hued holographic, Seasonal Lattes. It is a stunning polish, with probably the most pronounced rainbow effect of any of my holographic lacquers. It’s also one of those ultra rare polishes that looks fantastic in both the sun, where holos always shine the brightest, and in the shade, where it takes on a deep, almost textured look.

Chippy Smitten Fingers Sun

Then on my two middle fingers, I topped two coats of a nude creme polish with two coats of Just Add Milk, a favourite glitter polish from Whimsical Ideas by Pam. I’ve talked up Just Add Milk in the past (have actually used it in about four or five manicures to date) but it bears repeating – this is one lovely, super unique polish about which I have never heard anything but raves. And you would think there would only be so many applications for such a polish, but I’ve used it more times than I’ve used other more multi-use-type lacquers, in everything from a Cookie Monster mani to nails inspired by my cat’s spotted tummy. I’d say that’s pretty varied!

Chippy Just Add Milk Shade

So, you know, chip away at it all you’d like – that’s cool in my books. 😉

Chippy Fingers Sun

Chocolate Chip Short Stack

ShortstackPancake breakfast for dinner, anyone?

Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s Just Add Milk always adds the perfect chippy touch to food-themed manicures, and Nfu Oh’s J339, a caramel-hued jelly I once described as butterscotch pudding for your nails, makes THE most perfect maple syrup for this stack of chocolatey breakfast sweets.Shortstack Bottle

Kitten Belly!

Weeger Belly CollageFrom left to right: My cat, Weegie. Weegie’s belly. Nails inspired by Weegie’s belly.

She’s going to be pissed as all hell at me when she finds out I’ve put compromising photos of her tubby widdle skwishy belly on the Internet, although in the plus column, I used Just Add Milk in this manicure, a nude-brown jelly studded with brown glitters from Whimsical Ideas by Pam, and if anyone can get down with the milk…well, the answer to that is ALWAYS the Weege.I Love MewAnother 23

Cookie Party!

Cookie PartyLooks like that binge eating scamp Cookie Monster got to my first polish from Whimsical Ideas by Pam, the chip-a-licious Just Add Milk, before I could. Bad form, Mr. Monster! But pretty understandable given that this polish is ADORABLE! Just Add Milk is my first Whimsie, to those in the know, and it’s fabulous, just a simple mix of brown holographic glitter in a caramel-coloured jelly base. There’s not a whole lot to it, but on the nail it’s all chocolate chip cookie, and it positively calls out for a cold and creamy glass of 1%.

For this munched-upon mani I layered one coat of Just Add Milk over one coat of an opaque, nude creme before adding the little black bite marks and the accent nail of Cookie Monster himself. I initially tried it with nothing but Just Add Milk, but the density of the glitter – not overwhelming or drying, but definitely plentiful – meant that my mani was sporting a most uneven ratio of “chips” to “batter,” obscuring all that gorgeous tan jelly and diluting the overall cookie effect. Much yummier this way. COOOOO-KIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!Just Add Milk